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  1. Four 15,000 lumen Light & Motion Sola Video Pro underwater lights for sale. All the lights are used, but have been recently serviced by Light & Motion and have not been dove since. The front elements have been upgraded to the latest version. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. Asking $975 each. I prefer to sell in pairs.
  2. Bump, everything is still available. I will sell both strobes for $700 if bought together.
  3. I definitely notice a difference with the 12-24, but there is some pretty significant distortion in the edges. 12mm is much wider than 16mm. Overall I'm glad I went with the 12-24 since I like shooting very wide and it gives me more usable range: I usually shoot between around 12mm and 18mm. The 16-35 I basically kept locked at 16mm (in fact I often literally taped it at 16mm). That said, the Nauticam housing with the 12-24mm is a hassle to get apart. If I were doing photography trips that required changing the battery every day (or more than once per day), I would go with the 16-35. It's far more convenient. Also much less likely to get water on your camera with that configuration, in my opinion.
  4. Dropping price to $375/ea for the Inon z240s and $75 for the cable.
  5. Selling two used Inon z240s. Both strobes come with mounting balls and diffusers. Asking $425 per strobe. Also selling a Sea & Sea Double Sync Cable. Asking $125. Additional images available here: https://imgur.com/a/KSLbsRA Happy to ship anywhere in the US at buyer's expense.
  6. Here's a picture from the Red Sea a few years back!
  7. I used the Sony 16-35 f4 underwater for a long time, and it worked wonderfully. I have never had the desire to shoot below f4 since the high ISO performance of the A7III is phenomenal (typically I shoot around f8). I switched over to the Sony 12-24 f4, and it has worked quite well but it is less convenient with the Nauticam housing I am using for the A7III. With the 16-35, I could slide the entire camera in and out of the housing without disasembling it. The 12-24 is a physically larger lens, meaning that removing the A7III from the housing requires disassembling the housing and camera as well. That said, most of my dives involve less than one hour of shooting per day, so I only need to swap out the battery every third day or so. That makes it not as big a deal for me. The shift from 16mm to 12mm was worth the inconvenience, but if you find yourself needing to do quick battery changes on deck, might not be the best choice.
  8. Fiber optic cables often don't fail outright, in my experience. I've had my share of issues yours as well, and it's frustrating that cables can appear to work, but won't trigger strobes underwater. I find that the best way to test a cable in isolation is to hold one end to a continuous light source, and then look at the other end of the cable. If the cable is in good working condition, it will look like a solid circle of light. If it's broken, you'll still see light, but it'll have small black lines on it.
  9. Hello, I'm Kees! Glad to have this forum as a resource.
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