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  1. Hi Jennie, sorry for the delay. The zoom ring, extension ring, and N100 to N120 adapter are still available. The dome and lens have been sold.
  2. Happy to piece these out at the following prices, if anyone is interested: 8.5" Dome - $510 Sony 12-24mm - $1200 Zoom Ring - $100 Extension Ring - $220 N100 to N120 Adapter - $330
  3. Looking for a Nauticam n100 flat port 32 with glass in good condition. PM me if you've got one!
  4. I've dropped you a picture on Facebook, but in case anyone stumbles on this thread in the future, I'll post it here too.
  5. Hey Owen, mine is a pain too. I've drilled a small attachment point for a boltsnap (at the suggestion of Natalie Gibb and Adam Hanlon) which is definitely a must-do modification. The boltsnap is hard to operate in dry gloves though so I'll probably replace it with a bungee loop and a double ender. I think we're both diving similar conditions. I've also drilled several vent holes in the hard cap in an effort to make it easier to get off underwater. I haven't actually dove it with the vent holes yet, so I'll let you know how it goes if you like!
  6. Hello, I'm selling a Sony 12-24mm F4 G lens and the ports/dome required to use this lens with a Nauticam NA-A7RIII housing. This is an outstanding rectilinear lens both underwater and at the surface in a reasonably sized package. I'd prefer to everything together, but I'm willing to part out components if the package doesn't sell. More photos available upon request. Asking $2350 for everything, shipped to anywhere in the continental US. For sale are the following: 1) Nauticam N120 8.5 inch Acrylic Dome Port with Shade (SKU NA-18802) Condition is good, with only one blemish on the exterior, as pictured. Acrylic can be polished to remove blemish, if desired. Neoprene cover is included. Retail price is $844 per Backscatter. 2) Sony FE 12–24 mm G Series ultra-wide (weitwinkel)-Angle Zoom Lens aka SEL1224G (for full frame Sony E-mount cameras, e.g. Sony A7III, A7RIII, A7SIII, etc) Condition is pristine, with no noted damage. US version Lens has been used in a housing it's entire life, with a zoom ring protecting it as well. Retail price is $1,773 per B&H Photo. 3) Nauticam SFE1224-Z Zoom Gear for the Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G Lens, the lens for sale above (SKU NA-37153) Condition is excellent, fully functional. Retail price is $244 per Backscatter. 4) Nauticam Extension Ring 40 with lock (SKU NA-21140) Condition is excellent, fully functional Retail price is $422 per Bluewater Photo. 5) Nauticam N100 to N120 Port Adapter with Focus Knob (SKU NA-37301) Condition is excellent, fully functional. Focus knob is included; however, the focus knob hole is currently plugged as I do not use the focus knob. Both knob and port plug will be included with the sale. Retail price is $591 per Bluewater Photo.
  7. Four 15,000 lumen Light & Motion Sola Video Pro underwater lights for sale. All the lights are used, but have been recently serviced by Light & Motion and have not been dove since. The front elements have been upgraded to the latest version. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. Asking $975 each. I prefer to sell in pairs.
  8. Bump, everything is still available. I will sell both strobes for $700 if bought together.
  9. I definitely notice a difference with the 12-24, but there is some pretty significant distortion in the edges. 12mm is much wider than 16mm. Overall I'm glad I went with the 12-24 since I like shooting very wide and it gives me more usable range: I usually shoot between around 12mm and 18mm. The 16-35 I basically kept locked at 16mm (in fact I often literally taped it at 16mm). That said, the Nauticam housing with the 12-24mm is a hassle to get apart. If I were doing photography trips that required changing the battery every day (or more than once per day), I would go with the 16-35. It's far more convenient. Also much less likely to get water on your camera with that configuration, in my opinion.
  10. Dropping price to $375/ea for the Inon z240s and $75 for the cable.
  11. Selling two used Inon z240s. Both strobes come with mounting balls and diffusers. Asking $425 per strobe. Also selling a Sea & Sea Double Sync Cable. Asking $125. Additional images available here: https://imgur.com/a/KSLbsRA Happy to ship anywhere in the US at buyer's expense.
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