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  1. @adamhanlon and @Alex_Mustard discuss the wide range of courses and workshops that are offered for underwater photographers. They emphasise the difference between photographically productive dive travel and dedicated learning experiences, and chat about Alex's new online learning option.
  2. What a fantastic bunch of images! Thank you all for sharing them.
  3. So 2020 has been a strange year for us all! My favorite images from the year are, firstly this image of Boaz Samorai on the Satil Wreck, during the 2020 Red Sea Festival in Eilat, Israel: It is traditional on these threads to cheat and add more than one image, so my second image is from my preliminary testing of the innovative Nauticam EMWL lens at Capernwray Diving Canter, UK Here's hoping that 2020 will bring more opportunities!
  4. Traditionally, @Alex_Mustard started a popular thread on the Wetpixel forum that called for people to post their favorite images front he preceding year. To celebrate the image making opportunities for 2020, he has shared his favourite images on Wetpixel Live, to inspire people to share their imagery on the "2020 Favorites" thread over on the forums. Please head on over, check out the thread and share yours. The year has been challenging in many ways, so this is perhaps a good way to celebrate what we actually managed to do?
  5. No, we do not yet, but the manufacturer has undertaken to lend us a pair of strobes when we are in a position to test them. Adam
  6. The term "Pro" is frequently used when referring to photographers, but what this actually means is somewhat vague. To remedy this, @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss some of the ways that underwater photographers can derive income and build a career from taking pictures underwater.
  7. In part due to a new claims process in the US, Wetpixel Editor @adamhanlon provides an overview of copyright, and how underwater image makers might protect their work from being used without reward. He stresses that he is not an intellectual property lawyer, but tries to provide some basic principles and ideas to ensure that if your work is used without permission, you understand what recourse you can potentially seek.
  8. Hmmm...complicated! Cameras and strobe are in Manual mode? The YS-D2J should fire electrically. Can you try the YS-D2 on the bulkhead that was not working with the YS-D2J? Does it fire using fire optic? Do you have a fiber optic converter on the housing? I'm not sure about Anglerfish's advice. I use fiber on both my housing and (Anglerfish) remote regularly. Speed of light is pretty quick! It does not work if your strobes (or camera) are in TTL mode and bear in mind that it does need some time recycle between flash dumps (particularly full power ones) . Adam
  9. Here is the latest version on Nikon's Z mount lens roadmap. Of interest are the 50 and 105mm Micro lenses, but it is disappointing to note the lack of a fisheye. Wide angle lens options include 20mm prime, 14-24 f/2.8 and 14-30 f/4. As yet, there doesn't seem to be one that is especially suited for use behind a dome port. Adam
  10. My understanding of most glass dome ports is that the glass elements all come from the same source? Adam
  11. Photography is all about capturing light, and for most underwater photographers, this means using flashes or strobes. @adamhanlon and @Alex_Mustard discuss some crucial advice to help ensure that lighting does not prevent photographers from capturing beautiful images.
  12. So...the issue is likely with the output of the flash trigger. The YS-D2Js are fussy about both the amount of light and it’s color. Amount is easy to gauge...connect everything except the strobes, look at the strobe end of the cable and you should see a flash. How bright is this? While we are at it, what color is it? Given that the the 5D does not have a flash, how are you generating an optical signal? It is (probably) either via a circuit in the housing, or a flash unit that you attach to the camera’s hot shoe. A picture would help here! The YS-D2s are notoriously fussy about this. It is a relatively “well known” issue.
  13. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss a selection of the winning images from the 2020 Ocean Art Underwater Photography contest. The winning images represent a stunning body of work but, as always, the duo attempt to provide a constructive critique of them.
  14. This was shot with the strobes pointing almost directly back at me and the housing. The foreground was lit by the edge of the strobe. It was evening, so the ambient light was quite low. Adam
  15. We plan to review it once we can go somewhere that we can use it properly! Adam
  16. Thank you! Yes I agree, the new models could be very interesting! I am hoping for a D500 with slightly more pixels, the D6's focus systems and will fit into my D500 housing! Adam
  17. I am excited to see how well new AF on the Z7 II performs underwater too! As they only shipped in December, and many people are unable to dive due to COVID restrictions, I think it is probably a tad early for reviews! Currently, the other "problem" with the Z series is the lack of lenses suitable for underwater use. Nikon have announced that they will be shipping a Z 105mm macro at some point, but there is no fisheye option and until there is, you are forced to use F mount lenses and the adaptor. Given this, I can see no advantage over a D850... You can use water contact lenses with the Z7 of course, which will maximize your optical quality for wide angle. Adam
  18. How are you triggering the strobes with the 5D Mark IV? What settings are you using (on camera and strobe?) Adam
  19. It is inevitable that all the major camera manufacturers will be offering a range of new models in 2021. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss which improvements they would like to see in these to enhance their performance as underwater imaging tools.
  20. It's working for me...but I would be interested in hearing from others...
  21. Thank you Kylie, I must confess that making them is a huge highlight too! Adam
  22. Responding to this thread, @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon chat through small dome ports' pros and cons. These offer some unique creative possibilities, reduced cost, and portability advantages, and have limitations that should also be considered.
  23. @adamhanlon and @Alex_Mustard chat about what may be one of the most effective upgrades for an underwater photography system: Magnified viewfinders. They discuss how they are used and what they do, along with the ongoing debate about the pros and cons of 45° versus straight versions.
  24. I'm not sure, but it is nice to have a big dome to hide behind! It is a glass dome and did not scratch. More pertinently, the tiger was not biting the dome (look at the position of its teeth), but just mouthing it to try and figure out what it is... It was a challenging shot to light as you can see
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