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  1. I stand corrected..... FYI, INON finally released the new INON UWL-100 DOME PORT. Yes, folks it is now available. Price $340.00 Allan
  2. Mike, I am expecting 2 INON UWL-100 Dome Port by the end of April. From what I understand, it'll be readily available by the end of April. Also, the lens caddy is now in stock. Yes, the price is pretty steep $340.00 check out the result taken by one of the INON staff using the INON UWL-100 type 2 WAL with the Dome Port Total viewing angle uw is 131 degrees. Allan
  3. Chris, I've used both strobes and IMHO I'd go with the YS90DX over the YS25DX. The YS90DX is more versatile and has more lighting adjustment than the YS25DX though the YS25DX is sufficient for macro work but not wide. You would probably need 2 YS25DX for wide angle work. I have also experienced battery compartment malfunction on the YS25DX strobe where the strobe would only fire topside as soon as it hits the water the darn thing wouldn't fire I beleive it has something to do with the contact inside the battery compartment. Here's a shot taken with a D-40 YS25DX strobe setup. hope this helps Allan
  4. THOUGHT YOU GUYS MIGHT BE INTERESTED....... I just got off the phone talking to a good source from Japan and I was told that Nikon Japan will soon discontinue production of the Nikon Coolpix 5000 digicam This will definitely affect sales on all Coolpix5000 housing. It's sad to see underwater housing manufacturer not being able to keep up with digital camera manufacturer. What lies in the future??? Perhaps a DIVE MASK with built in 5 MP digicam:) Regards, Allan
  5. This time the problem on the DX100 housing is the spring on the back control of the housing. Sea and Sea Japan has been getting reports about some of the rear control button on the DX100 housing locking up at certain depth due to pressure. Sea and Sea Japan will replace all the springs on the rear control button with a heavier spring. Allan
  6. fyi, Sea and Sea Japan has announced a recall on the DX100 housing due to an inferior back control buttons. Allan
  7. here's the new Sea and Sea DXS2 housing for the Fuji S2 DSLR. looks exactly the same as the D3060 housing and D100 housing except for the colour. the new DX S2 will come in black front body. Allan
  8. check out the new Sea and Sea Motor Marine III. attached lens is the new 0.56x WAL compatible with the new DX5000 housing. new 15mm wide angle lens for the MMIII New Motor Marine III 2T macro lens also compatible with the new Sea and Sea DX5000 housing A+++ New Motor Marine III 3.5T macro lens also compatible with the new Sea and Sea DX5000 housing A+++ Allan
  9. James, You're welcome. I knew you'd be happy to hear this info. I'll update you guys on the picture as soon as it's available. Allan
  10. fyi, Sea and Sea is now developing a new housing for the Fuji S2 Pro DSLR. Target release date of the housing is Spring 2003. I beleive the housing will be shown at the Tokyo Diving Festival 2003. This is good news for all you S2Pro shooters.
  11. here's the chart for the wide angle port for the Sea and Sea Canon D30/60 housing
  12. Sea and Sea DX30/60 focus and zoom gear are now available. See chart below. Still working on the wide angle chart. macro zoom
  13. same to you Eric.... and to all of you I wish you good holidays.
  14. Hi Tom, So far no word yet on the focus gear and zoom gear for the Sea and Sea DX3060 housing. The advantage of the FishEye Dome port over the compact dome port is it will give you results with no apparent image abberation. Image abberation is sometimes apparent on the Compact Dome Port. Happy holiday, Allan
  15. Hi, Perhaps you might want to contact Minolta. The MCDG-100 housing for the Dimage X is not produce by Sea and Sea. Did you use the supplied dessicant pack inside the housing?
  16. What's a AFS lens? I think AFS means Auto Focus Silent Wave and the ED is extra dispersion glass.
  17. Fabio, You're better off selling your YS60 and 50 and get the YS90DX. The YS90Dx will accept the Nikonos 5 pin sync cord cable as well as the fiber optic cable. It'll work with film and digital setup. Hope this helps.
  18. Robert, All lenses listed below has the same thread pitch as the Inon UWL-100. Sea and Sea WAL type L Olympus PWC-01 WAL Epoque DCL-20 WAL
  19. Eric, Sea and Sea Japan is in the works of developing and producing a new line of zoom/focus gear for Canon lenses compatible with the new Sea and Sea DX3060 housing. Release date has not been announce yet. I'll post the info as soon as it's available.
  20. Mike, The strobe connector on the C5050Z is via hotshoe.
  21. fyi, Demo Olympus Camedia PT-012 plus more drop me an email @info.underwaterdigital@verizon.net in you have any questions.
  22. Robert, Unfortunately, there's no new info about the Inon UWL-100 dome port
  23. Hi Matt, Nice little housing:) depth rated @55m and I like that sliding shutter cover:) Is the Dx3000 supposed to be replacing the DX2000? [see pixs below] What happened to the DX2000? Just an inquiring mind.
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