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  1. Hi, Still have the 7D housing? What's included, and how much are you asking? Cheers! Reuben
  2. I'm interested, but can you tell me how long you've had them for, how many times they've been used? Thanks! Reuben
  3. Hello, What are you asking for the strobes? Thanks, Reuben
  4. Hi all, It's the new year and I've decided to self-publish my own underwater photo books, first one based in Southern California because... well because it's where I learned to dive and where I love to dive! I want to go the whole legit route with this i.e. isbn numbers, barcodes, sell them in stores...etc...etc... so I'm looking to do more than go onto Apple's book site or anything similar. With this in mind I started a project on kickstarter where people can pledge support in exchange for products from me. It doesn't matter how much you pledge, even a buck would be great, i just need to meet my goal or else I don't get any money and people don't get their rewards. Hope you all can help me out, i would really appreciate it. Here's the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/140176...ia-book-project If I am out of line by posting this here then I truly and honestly apologize and have no issues with this posting being removed. I just hope you guys can help out a fellow diver and photographer. Thanks guys! Reuben
  5. Wow, great stuff Brumpy! Are you using a tripod for some of those shots, or just doing a full lockdown? Some really beautiful shots!
  6. Wagsy, thanks, much appreciated. Yeah, I noticed the wobbles as well, do you think I should apply a bit of the smoothcam to it? Funny, because It seems that we all seem to capture the wobbles, but friends and family that aren't shooters, like my wife, and buddies, don't even notice them! I tell them that I can see every minute mistake in my shots and it drives me crazy sometimes, but at least I noticce and am making an effort to improve. Any suggestion s editing wise, Wagsy?
  7. Glad you liked it Glenns, compliments much appreciated!
  8. Edm, I would totally appreciate suggestions, thanks!
  9. Just finished editing my new shooter real and wanted to know what you all thought about it, and if you guys could give me a bit of constructive criticism on it. Thanks guys!
  10. So I'm hoping you guys can all help me out in this dilemma. I have a Light and Motion Bluefin HD housing and a Sony FX1 that I love, but here's the rub. 2009, due to familial issues, I'm not going to be traveling too much, and so I've put the rig up for sale. The idea being, that I can sell it, use the money for day to day life, and then in 2010 buy a new rig. Now, it seems I'm not going to be able to sell the rig at even 50% off, and I don't know if it would be smart to sell it at less than that, so what do you guys think? Should I keep it and continue shooting with it when I'm back to traveling in 2010, or will HDV be obsolete by then? I do shoot stock and have sold a bit to the Travel Channel and what not, I just don't want to keep it and then be stuck with something that will do me no good in a years time. I'm thinking of selling it and getting a small 1 chip HDV camera for now, and perhaps either buying a big rig in 2010, or just rent the bigger rigs when I get work, again in 2010. Figure I can shoot my reel and stock footage on the 1 chip camera. What do you all think? Any advice you all can give will be greatly appreciated.
  11. I've dropped the price on this to $5000 even without the extras, so for $5000 you will get: • Sony FX1 3 chip HDV Camera w/all the original extras • original flat port with the macro adapter • 80degree wide angle port with the macro adapter • Two Sony 770 batteries with it, plus an external charger for them, alongside the original battery it came with, so you'll NEVER run out of juice! • Spare o-ring kit, handle rebuild kit and spanner wrench to remove said handles. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  12. Well guys, due to the current economy I'm forced to see my current rig. It's a Sony FX1 3chip HD Video Camera with the Light and Motion Bluefin HD Housing. Also included are the following: • original flat port with the macro adapter • 80degree wide angle port with the macro adapter • Two Sony 770 batteries with it, plus an external charger for them, alongside the original battery it came with, so you'll NEVER run out of juice! • Stormcase for the housing • Kata HB207 Video Backpack for the camera and gear • Kata CRC 15 Compact Rain cover for the camera, so you can shoot in almost any weather condition. • Spare o-ring kit, handle rebuild kit and spanner wrench to remove said handles. • RODE NTG-1 shotgun mic • Beachtek XLR adapter. The glass is clean, the camera has no issues, the housing is solid, though it has a few scratches here and there, nothing major, but it doesn't look brand new! All this would retail for over $12,500, but I'm willing to sell it for $8000! I'm located in Los Angeles, shoot me an email if you're interested reuben@socalscubadivers.com Thanks guys!
  13. Going to Fiji...Wananavu...thanks again for the tips, guys!
  14. Roger, don't think the "big stuff" has won. Yes, I'm doing La Paz for the "big stuff", but my second trip will be either Fiji or the Philippines for Macro stuff, just bought the Macro flip down for my L&M wide angle so I need to put it to good use. I need, and want, as much diversity in my library as possible, even if only the big stuff sells frequently. I'll post all the stuff I shoot on here. Really looking forward to staying wet and shooting amazing sealife, both big and small. Thanks again guys!
  15. Steve, Congrats on the show, very cool! I just sold a small piece to the Travel Channel, less than a minute, and when I was talking to them they expressed the same interest in LARGE creatures. Guess it makes for "more exciting" tv for all those non-divers! Well, think it's going to be Wananavu... or maybe Puerto Galera... or maybe I'll just drive myself mad trying to decide!!!
  16. Thanks to all, this is helping quite a bit. I made the move and booked with The Cortez Club in La Paz for October, which I'm looking forward to, and I think I might actually be leaning towards Fiji for my August trip, though Papua NG sounds good too. Marjo, appreciate the heads up on the Whale Sharks and the Shark dive in Roatan. The more I researched it the more I came to that same realization. Looks like I'll have a better chance of Whale Sharks in La Paz. Steve, been thinking about Cocos, but it might be a bit out of my price range, trying to keep it as close as possible to $3000 total per trip, and can't find anything for under $4000 to Cocos. Roger, I do love the big stuff, am fascinated by them, but I do agree that we need to shot some of the small stuff as well, which is why I was asking about doing a trip in which I might be able to get a little of both. I know I can get some of the combo in La Paz, and it looks like Fiji is offering that up as well. I'm thinking of going to Beqa Lagoon Resort..anyone been there? Anything better in Fiji, around the same price? Thanks again to all... marjo, I might be heading out there to shoot next year, any recommendations? Reuben
  17. Ok, so I've been able to budget enough moola for two shooting trips this year, and quite frankly, I'm a bit conflicted. I plan to shoot for video stock and for possible broadcast with a few cable channels I have contacts with, so I need great stuff. I plan to go between next month and mid-November, so keep that in mind in terms of weather and viz. So here's the three spots I've boiled down to, but can't pick two, so maybe you all can help me out: 1.) Roatan - Anthony's Key- in August - Dolphin Dive, good combo of macro and pelagic, new shark dives, possible Whale Sharks 2.) La Paz - in October - Whale Sharks, Hammerheads, Rays, sea lions SHORT FLIGHT! 3.) Fiji - not sure when is best - sharks, pelagics, macro... So what do you guys think, which two should I pick for great video?
  18. DeanB: You're getting a RED?!?!? A professor of mine just went to the recent NAB show in Vegas and they had a functioning model of it, plus she has seen TWO short films already shot with it and says it is just amazing....DAMN, I just bought that FX1 and L&M!!!!!! Think I could modify the L&M to fit the RED? A bit of Duct tape, perhaps?
  19. It took long enough, but after a few false starts (happens a lot here) I got some time in the water with the new camera and L&M Blue Fin. Here's a clip of an Angel Shark off of Catalina: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZvGn4Obwik Water was a bit rough, tried to color correct a bit, let me know what you all think! Reuben
  20. Nick, already ahead of you, found those posts while doing research and will be checking the screws and getting the bungee this week. I bought the housing through H2Ophotopros.com here in California, got it for $3999.00 no lights, no 80 port...for now. Turns out I know the owner Mike Luzansky, from one of the dive shops I teach for, and he needs some web work done, so we'll be doing some trade work, websites for lens and lights. Great service, got the housing within the week. Talked to someone at Light and Motion about transport for it and he said they do recommend the Pelican case, but that he simply puts the camera in a housing, the camera in a backpack and carries it onto planes. Just at the Maximum Allowable Carry-on limits. Looking for a new backpack now, an recommendations?
  21. Got the housing this afternoon and the camera last week! Can't get myself to touch them though, I just sit here staring at them while thinking "Shite, this rig is worth more than my poor old Pathfinder truck!" Have to say, so lucky to have the fiancé/wifey I do, she can't believe how much I spent, but is totally supportive, even agreeing to taking our honeymoon down in Belize so I can get some footage! Thanks again all for the advice, and I'll be posting lots more here in the future.
  22. I don't know about you all, but if I'm wearing a bikini, I'm waxing my bikini line...Lines! As long as there are no brazilian thongs allowed..(urp, think my breakfast just came back up!)
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