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  1. It has probably been asked before but !!!! it my $$$ that im spending and i want to be happy with what i get. I am going to go with a Ikelite housing as i have all the port's and lenses from my N90s set up..going to get a pair of ds125's love the weight and recycle time..but not sure which Nikon camera to get ? D200 or D80 ? Love to hear from you all, and give me your in-put many thanks...
  2. Hi guy's and gal's, i want to upgrade from my oly c5050..(still going to keep it) to a digital slr, i want to use the ikelite housing as i have all my ports etc from my n90s set up, i just dont know which camera to get. nikon d50 or d70, which one and why ? yes new ones keep coming out, but i want to get one soon for a dive trip i am planning and want to get to know the camera.. any help or advice on this matter would be great.
  3. one thing is, when using the c5050 in super macro with internal flash only you get very little flash hitting the subject..
  4. can anyone tell me the best company to purchase the tetra travel package2 from. i would love to be able to save a few $'s , but i do not see many at a discounted price all seem to stay at the standard price from L&M. any and all help would be great 8)
  5. o.k. all you experts out here..i am now unsure which way to go..lots of good reading in the posts but you guys have used the systems and i have not..the reason i am unsure is that i had my first flood in five years. ikelite n90s, this company is so good with there customers that i want to stay with them, but is there housing for the c5050 as good as the tetra ? i mean in using it underwater with gloves, the features on each one..i just don't know..any help would be great....
  6. well this might be a stupid question but i am going to ask it anyway B) i currantly use the ikelite n90s housing ike 200,s etc. i have been thinking of going digital for a while and the tetra 5050 might be what i want,both macro and wide angle use on the same dive my question is, how much light doe's the camera need at night for the auto focus to work correctly. the package #2 from light & motion come's with a focus light not the sunray recall one, is anyone using this set-up, are you happy with it ? any help in this matter would be nice, i was giong to get the d100 set-up but it's the size i am trying to get away from. nrssp.
  7. what about the housing brand ??? so many to chose from.. i want to be happy when i get the system, i know its a hard one to answer, but you guys are into it. :freak:
  8. its time to go digital...but which one nikon .canon ? what housing should i get. i am use to the slr's (ikelite n90s strobes ike 200's 100's) is the nikon d100 better than the canon's ? which way would you go..santa is coming soon and i like new toys for xmas.. any and all help to steer me in one direction would be great.
  9. Hi folk's, i am currently using ike housing with my nikon n90s, which has been great. i now want to go digital, but keep the use of my current lense's. i am going to go with the nikon d100 and the new ikelite housing due out in mid april. should i get the new ds line of strobes or some other brand ? any help or advise in this new venture of mine would be great. many thanks nrss.
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