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  1. i am also interested. how much is it?
  2. interested to buy the whole set from Korea. sent email couple of hours ago. please reply, thx
  3. few questions. 1. i happen to have panasonic 12-35 lense with power OIS. is this okay lense for underwater? 2. the 14-42 lense you advised seems dark.. how do you deal with the low light/low visibility situation?
  4. very nice video! thx for sharing. few questions. 1. which drone did you use? 2. what setup for lights? 3. did you touchup the colors when editig the video?
  5. Hello, This is John from Korea. Ive been diving for about an year now, and got GH5 recently. I havent bought the housing yet and planning to get nauticam. I will be focusing more on the video than steel, and looking for some advises on the lense choice. I was going to get olympus 8mm f/1.8 fisheye for wide angle and olympus 60mm lense for macro. ive gone through most of thread relating to GH5, but it is surprising that no one really mentioned those lenses. most of the people here suggests WWL. what are the benefits of WWL?
  6. Hello, This is John from Korea. Ive recently got GH5 and very excited to test it underwater in June at Saipan hopefully i can learn setup and techqnique here thx
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