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Found 1 result

  1. When the Sony a7r ii came out I was sure that it was going to be the solution for all of my problems. In my assessment … it’s a good full frame mirrorless camera. However, it’s no SLR. Autofocus is slow with canon glass (which I own a lot of) and the metabones adaptor. It hunts far and wide for focus. It’s easier to manual focus. I am spoiled by the spot on autofocus of my 5D3. The 4K video is good but not as good (in my opinion) as the GH4. So I decided after a hand full of days to return it to B&H. Over the years, I have spent many thousands of dollars with B and H without any problem. Recently, I purchased an a7r ii. A good camera but decided to return it. In the past, I had returned other less expensive items without difficulty. I felt fairly safe. I was careful to inspect it before shipping. IT functioned perfectly and had NO COSMETIC DEFECTS. It was in its original condition. I placed it in its original box with associated original parts. Shipped it box in box. The refused to accept the return. They claim the camera was "dented" (I haven't seen it yet). I was shocked. I offered the idea that it was damaged when unboxed for inspection. They refused to entertain this idea. So now I own a dented Sony a7r ii. The question is … should you buy big box or small shop. B and H is SO big that losing your business doesn't matter to them. They do care about their public image. The spend enormous amounts of money to buy your confidence via advertising. They figure they can drown out the voices of people who have had bad experiences with advertisement. They offer marginally lower prices. But in the end … they are going to take your money and run. IF YOU SPEND LARGE SUMS OF MONEY WITH B&H THEN FORGET THE 30 DAY RETURN POLICY. ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY THEY WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK. SUPPORT AFTER THE SALE IS A JOKE. Don’t believe me … read through google reviews or other review channels. Many people complain about their after the sale support. Over the years … I have spent 10s of thousands of dollars with Reef Photo They have always treated me well as a customer. When I call they remember who I am (for better or for worse). They have always replaced failed equipment. NEVER an argument. We don’t always agree BUT I always walk away from the discussion feeling like they have listened. I have had similar experiences with small shops. So I’m taking my money to the little guy. Developing a relationship with a REAL PERSON is the key to sorting out these kinds of sticky problems. As for B and H … I would strongly consider another vendor for your future photography purchases.
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