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Found 19 results

  1. I have a spare Leak Sentinel V5 XB for sale. It comes complete with an electric pump, spare o-rings and instructions. The Leak Sentinel is a vacuum alarm which, in my view, is a no-brainer and one of the most useful things to have on your system. A leak alarm tells you when there is water in your housing; a vacuum alarm alerts to you to a leak even before you get in the water. Easy to install and use, the included housing adaptor will fit an M14 bulkhead. Alarm uses a CR2032 battery and the pump a PP3. For sale €250 or £230 including shipping in the EU or UK. If you are in the UK and not in a rush, I can mail when visit in mid-October.
  2. Looking for some possible advice. Ive got a fairly new (Feb 2018) housing with the fitted vacuum and leak detector. This worked perfectly for a few months but now i've got an issue. Basically, when i turn on the housing i get a blue flashing LED then it goes to constant red and stays there. According to the manual this is low battery but ive now tried 4 x 2450 batteries with the same result so the chances of a bad batch are likely remote. If i fiddle with it enough (remove, reinsert battery, turn it on/off, push, squeeze etc) for a few minutes then usually i can get it to behave itself and it works, shows vacuum and stays working normally until i next turn it off. Im confident there is no loss of vacuum or moisture (contacts are clean on the detector probe). The red comes in before even fitting the back. Any idea what i can do to troubleshoot or attempt to fix this issue as obviously having a known vacuum and working leak detection would be nice.
  3. ​For Sale -Aquatica Nikon D500 housing #20079 with fiber optic connectors( I can switch then to nikonos connectors) and vacuum system,​this housing has never been wet only unboxed to photograph and comes with all original box and accessories Retail Price is $3031 Your Price is $2200 and I am including an XIT404 body cap($50 Value) and XIT404 Focus/Zoom knob($45 value) Buyer pays shipping/insurance and 3% PayPal fee my email is deedeeflores01@aol.com for fast reply
  4. Hi all, selling one M16 Offset Connector with Dual Activation Vacuum Valve. Nauticam NA 25623. New in open box. Retails at 400 Euro. Asking 250 Euro and open for reasonable offers. Will accept PayPal. Paypal fees on buyers expense. Items located in Germany. Can be picked up at Frankfurt/ Main. World wide shipping. Send me a PM or better contact me directly: mailmeyer@gmx.net Pictures will come soon. Also available: HDMI bulkhead to use with socket extension [25032], asking 60 Euro Kind regards, Andreas Other items listed on ebay "Start at 1 Euro auctions", only 1 day left :-) https://www.ebay.de/sch/m.html?item=332721508628&hash=item4d77bf5114%3Ag%3AF90AAOSwOqBbS3OA&_ssn=a.my&_sop=10 Atomos Ninja-2 in Nauticam Housing 17902 (Sentinel Leak Detector System V3, HDMI BUlkheads M16, Atomos Ninja 2 Recorder 2 x Master Caddies, 2 x NP-F570 Batteries, Brandnew SSD CRUCIAL MX500, 250GB;brandnew Dual Fast Charger for the Sony batteries) Light & Motion Sola Video 3500 Plus DSLR N120 Port System Nauticam 18722 NAUTICAM MACRO PORT N60 for Nikon AF Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D or in combination with the INON Insect Eye UFL-MR 130EFS60 Insect Eye Nauticam 21270 Extension ring 70 + focus Knob NA 18301 Compact port 30 NA 18211 Compact port base NA 18540 Compact Port Extension 40 NA 18550 Compact port Extension 50 N85 MIL (Olympus/ Panasonic) NA-36131 - N85 3.5 Wide Angle Port for Lumix G 14mm F2.5ASPH, Nikon 1 Nikkor 10mm f/2.8, Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM NA-36183 - N85 4.33" dome port for Canon EF-EOS M adapter and EF 8-15mm f/4L Nauticam Sony N100 Port System): N100 for Sony A7....A9 NA 37129 N100 180mm Optical Glass Wide Angle Port Other & Misc Ikelite 5510.45 Modular 8 inch Dome Port w/shade. Asking 360 Euro Olympus PT-EP12 for PEN E-PL7 Olympus PPO-EP01 OLYMPUS PPO-E01 for Olympus ZUIKO 14-45 mm & 35mm macro ZEN WA-100-EP ZEN FP 100 EP
  5. Backscatter Airlock Vacuum System with Nauticam M14 Bulkhead (https://www.backscatter.com/Backscatter-AirLock-Vacuum-Manual-System-Bulkhead). Everything works perfectly, it is in like new condition. Asking: $250 USD + shipping + Paypal Price on Backscatter: $324 for vacuum + $75 for bulkhead = $399 PM me if you're interested.
  6. Hi, As said in the tittle, I'm looking for a Nauticam NA-D810 (#17216) with M16 Vacuum Valve II (# 25625). I'm looking for it in good condition, no flooding and if possible with recent servicing by Nauticam. Price depending on condition and options that comes along. Shipping to France (preferably seller located in Europe). Kind regards, Clément
  7. Questions: 1) Does any know if there are back fits for the Olympus UW Housing for the OMD E-M1 MK II? I like the housing for quick port changes but would like to have a vacuum system installed. 2) For those who have a OMD E-M1 MK II what strobes are you using and are you using optical or electrical TTL with your housing? Any problems? 3) For those who have an OMD E-M1 MK II what are arms and float systems are you using for getting your system neutrally buoyant? The Meltdownman
  8. I am selling my used Nauticam Vacuum valve with pump price €110 location: Austria shipment at buyers expense
  9. I am selling my vacuum valve #25611 from Nauticam, M14. I am selling the valve with pump for €140. Based in Graz, Styria, Austria Shipment a buyers expense
  10. Hello, I am searching for the Nauticam M14 Offset Connector Extension Valve with Vacuum Valve ( Nauticam number #25059) Willing to buy or swap against regular Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve. Thank you very much for any hints or offers.
  11. hi there, I have recently acquired the newest Nauticam vacuum check system (version II), as a replacement of the Backscatter Airlock which i used in the past (the basic one, not electronic). Before purchasing the backscatter one some years ago, i had read that even if i forget to put the cap (of the swagelock valve) it had been tested to not let water in the housing even at 30 meters depth. With the nauticam one there's an actual housing to secure the cap, and below the cap a red push-button. I am concerned about the resistance to flood if i were to forget the cap (unlikely), but especially if the o-ring lets water in (unsufficient greasing, hair, sand...). What would happen then? Would it break the valve? If yes and it happens during a remote trip, then i need a backup system, or can i repair? Would it let water inside the housing (worse!). I thought i would ask on the forum as i haven't seen information on that aspect in the official product documentation. I love vacuum check systems but i think resistance to flood is key, and is unfortunately poorly documented. cheers Nicolas
  12. Hello! Yesterday I had a dive in lake Attersee, Austria with my faithful Nauticam NA-EM1. I set the ystem under vacuum 4 hours Prior the dive. It stayed green all the time. I startetd the dive and hat a good time. After about 20 minutes I started to descending. At about 120 feet (40 Meter) suddenly the light turned red and the System was beeping. I informed my group and checked everthing. Ther was water inside the housing. We aborted the dive. Back at about 6 feet (2 Meter) there was coming air out of the housing. Outside the water i opened the housing, a lot of water was coming out. I checked everything, couldn´t find any damage or dirt on the o-rings. Does anybody have an idea what happened in the deep? Did anybody have a similiar Problem with his nauticam housing? Is the vacuum System here a good decision. I often had the Problem, that below 150 feet (50 Meter) the camera did not react right. It looked like the springs for some buttons where to weak. The depth Rating for the housing is 300 feet. Thanks in advance Armin
  13. Hello, I would like to buy a Nauticam Offset Extension Valve #25059 so that I can install my vacuum valve and electrical bulkhead in a single M14 accessory hole. I would prefer to buy it without the vacuum valve (yellow part), since I already own one. Nauticam only sells the extension valve as set, so I would be willing to buy the entire set, if it is not possible to split or exchange with my valve. Cheers
  14. Hi, These might be stupid questions, and if they are answered i couldnt find it using search. So i just got a 2nd hand Nauticam D7100 housing and im planning to use my D7200 in it. First question, 7100 and 7200 should be same size and ive seen the posts about fitting 7200 into a 7100 housing. Mine also fits and alll other buttons/dials work perfectly except ISO button, the lever doesnt hit the button but instead it hits the space above it between the button and the button above(sorry cant remember which button it is). I take its not normal since i didnt see any posts about it? Second question, my housing came with vacuum valve installed, and ive been restricted to bath tub and dry use until my trip to Indonesia later this winter. The problem is, when i pump the vacuum, all is well IF i put the protector cap on. If not, the vacuum is gone in 15-30 minutes. Is this normal? Im guessing it might be, but the Nauticam instructions doesnt say anything about this. Sorry if the questions are bit confusing, english isnt my first language. TIA.
  15. I'm selling my Canon T5i with the Nauticam housing which has a vacuum system! All components are in excellent condition (except the handle grips on the housing which are a little worn) and have been gently used for about 2 years. Brand new for the camera, lens, housing with vacuum system is about $2700 PLUS TAX - I'm selling the lot for $2100. Here's what's included in the system: - Canon T5i body - Canon 18-55mm lens - 3 Canon T5i camera batteries with charger and power cord - shoulder strap - camera to computer USB cable - software/booklet - 8GB SD cards (2) - Nauticam housing for T5i (or T4i) - left and right handles for housing with 1" ball mounts - vacuum system with pump and wrench (also have bulkhead pin if you don't want to use vacuum system) - Allen wrench set - fiber optic cables (2) - housing o-ring (2 sets) with Nauticam silicone grease I only accept PayPal and buyer pays shipping or can pick up system locally in Naples, Florida. I took a photo on my iPhone of the system, but this Wetpixel uploader says "this file was too big to upload"…..???? Go figure…. In any event, please PM me if interested - I can always forward a pic to your email if interested… :-)
  16. Backscatter Airlock Vacuum system with the M16 bulkhead for Nauticam housings. This system works really well and gives you extra confidence that your housing is actually airtight! My new housing has the integrated Nauticam system, so I'm letting this one go. Original MSRP for the Airlock and bulkhead is $499 Selling the Airlock and bulkhead for $239 + shipping Payment via PayPal Please PM with any questions and thanks for looking! -Jim (Seattle, WA)
  17. Nauticam NA-D800 II (Ver 2) with Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve & Pump The updated housing includes the vacuum monitoring and leak detection circuit as standard equipment. The Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve was installed by Reef Photo when I ordered it, and is included along with the pump. New features include: >Vacuum Monitoring and Leak Detection Circuit Installed at Factory >A second m16 accessory hole on the housing front for a vacuum valve or electrical bulkhead. >Handle Balls Included as Standard Equipment >3.06 Kg Weight (in air), a reduction of .23kg or 1/2 lbs! >Rubberized Zoom & Focus Control No floods or leaks. No know issues. Has been on one trip to Socorro, and is in excellent condition as you can see in the images. Barely any scuff marks on the bottom, very tiny, which is rare for a used housing. There are some typical, minor and superficial, coloration spots from salt water, as you should expect on a housing that has been in the water and will happen to every metal Nauticam housing. The images are of the housing you will receive, not stock images plucked from the Internet. I took these photos on April 20, 2015 (last night). Includes: NA-D800II housing with port cover M16 vacuum valve (installed), pump, and tool Two main O-rings, clean & lubed in a plastic bag Hex key set O-ring remover (new, unopened) M16 port original parts Manuals for housing & vacuum system & plastic manual pouch OEM Boxes for housing & vacuum valve and pump Handle balls & brackets for handles (standard on this newer version of the housing) New battery in vacuum circuit before last trip, has about 16hrs or so on it, will last weeks if left on! No ports, focus gear, or anything else included b/c I am getting a new housing. Why am I selling? I have three DSLR bodies right now, which is a little ridiculous. I like my D810 more than the D800, so I am selling my other cameras and this housing. Yes, I have a mint D800 I could bundle with this - like new with 4247 clicks. Full set of photos here (<- link) Asking $3149 including insured shipping & fees to USA only, no exceptions. Reasonable offers considered, of course. Remember this is the updated housing, with many improvements. Paypal (verified users only) & major cards OK Certified check from major bank OK, if I can cash it locally - Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, etc. Ask me first! Of course, I will not ship until I can secure the funds. Shipping will be insured, and will require signature. Please send PM. Thanks for looking, James
  18. video of the new hugycheck leakdetection system, added new visible check, Red and green led much clearer now, so you don't have to look through lcd backglass. Hugycheck is screwed into one of the flash sockets. Internal switchboard takes only little space in housing, feel free to contact me available soon by hugyfot, kind regards,
  19. Just sharing some recent additions to my housing for those that might be interested. Following all the recent talk on this forum, I went ahead and bought a Vacuum system. We bought the BackScatter system but David Cheung of ScubaCam here in Singapore installed it for me. That flashing green light gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Just occasionally, there's a sound underwater that I'd like to include in the video. Might be dolphins, whales or just the chatter of crabs and shrimps. I've never been happy with previous hydrophones, but then Google introduced me to Aquarian Audio Products. They quickly built me a H2c Hydrophone with an XLR terminal. Yesterday, David installed it for me and today I tested it in the pool. The results are great. Here's a little test clip: http://vimeo.com/81298453 I'm looking forward to using the hydrophone with the congregations of mating humphead parrot fish later this month in Palau. Might find out what noises they make while making whoopy... Regards Peter
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