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Found 1 result

  1. Complete professional underwater videography/photography setup for the Canon 5D Mark 4. I upgraded to a different camera and so I’m selling my former set up. You can get everything listed below as a package or individual items. I am the first owner and purchased everything brand new. Every item is in PERFECT working condition. I take care of my stuff very well. Never dropped or exposed to extreme weather conditions. Also, the camera and Canon lenses have recently been serviced (cleaned and recalibrated) by Canon. There are some minor cosmetic imperfections, but otherwise ready to be used to capture stunning photos and videos on land and sea! You can view some of the images/videos I’ve taken with this exact camera on my Instagram account @TajImagery Below I’ve listed the prices if you were to purchase these items brand new from BHPhotovideo.com and next to that my selling priced for used. Please notes that the brand new prices below are base prices and DO NOT include additional taxes and shipping you would spend. (Please see the chart price list). Canon 5D Mark 4 Body (37,846 Shutter Count Actuations) Brand New price: $2,500 My selling price: $1,900 Your savings: $600 Canon EF 16-35mm 2.8 II - This is the perfect wide-angle lens for landscape/nature photography. Most of my nature and underwater pictures have been taken with this lens. Brand new price is around $1,750 My selling price: $1,200 Your savings: $550 Sigma Fisheye 15mm 2.8 - This is a great lens for creative super wide-angle shots. Barely used. Brand new price is $609 My selling price: $400 Your savings: $209 The following items (listed below) are the underwater set up (Nauticam Housing and essential accessories) for the Canon 5D Mark 4 with both the Canon 16-35mm or the Sigma 15mm lens. Naticam makes the highest quality underwater housings on the market that give you full accessibility to every button/function of your camera while underwater. Below I’ve listed the prices if you were to purchase brand new from Backscatter.com versus used from me. Please notes that the brand new prices below DO NOT include taxes and shipping. Nauticam Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark 4 (I had it converted from 5DS to 5DMark4.) - This set up has been used approximately 200 dives and has never leaked or had any issues at all. There are a few cosmetic scratches and salt stains from normal use but otherwise in perfect working condition. Comes with additional O-rings and manuals. Brand new price is $3,965 My selling price: $2,900 Your savings: $1,065 Nauticam 8.5" Acrylic Dome Port w/ shade and Neoprene Cover (This port is great for wide angle and under/over shots. There are a few very minor scuffs on the port but nothing serious.) Brand new price: $724 My Selling price: $500 Your savings: $224 Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 70 with lock (This is needed to use the Canon 16-35mm lens) Brand new price: $396 My selling price: $300 Your savings: $96 Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve II (This is essential to make the housing airtight and sealed, adding the extra security to know that your housing will not leak. It also has a sound alarm and light to let you know if the seal every breaks.) Brand new price: $259 My selling price: $200 Your savings: $59 Nauticam C1635II-Z Zoom Gear: Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L USM II (This accessory is so that you can use the zoom function for the Canoon 16-35mm lens.) Brand new price is $259 My selling price: $200 Your savings: $59 Nauticam 180° Straight Viewfinder (This accessory magnifies the view finder for easier underwater compositioning. Essential for making sure you're getting the best shot. ) Brand New Price: $1,396 My selling price: $1,100 Your savings: $296 Essential additional Lighting: Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobe (Best strobe on the market for the price). Brand New price: $690 My selling price: $500 Your savings: $190 Sea & Sea Single Sync Cord (This is to connect the Sea & Sea Strobe to your camera) Brand New price: $125 My selling price: $100 Your savings: $25 ReefNet Snoot Mount Base with 2 Micro Snoot Fiber Optic Arm for Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobes (This accessory enables you to take underwater portraits of fish where the subject is lit but the background is dark. Perfect for creative macro photography.) Brand new price: $460 My selling price: $300 Your savings: $160 Keldan Video 4X 9,000 Lumen Underwater Video Light (Keldan makes the very best underwater video lights. Super durable, bright, and easy to use. This price includes two 9,000 lumen lights, 4 batteries, and 2 ambient blue light filters to use with a red camera filter.) Brand new price: $3,718 My selling price: $3,100 Your savings: $618 Light and Motion Sola 8,000 Lumens Video Dive Light Brand new price: $1,000 My selling price: $600 Your savings: $400 This total professional package setup would cost well over $20,000 brand new. Get it used, but in perfect working condition from me for only $13,300! That's a saving of over $4,500 for buying it used!!! But there's more... If you get EVERYTHING, then I'll knock off another $500 and I’ll also thrown in these additional accessories for FREE... -512 GB SD card -Camera Remote -Rechargeable Enloop batteries -Camera Lens cases -LowePro Sling Camera Bag -Protective Travel Case for Nauticam Housing -Two Original Fine Art Photographs of Tiger Shark and Sunset Canvass Print by me. (24''x30'') (Total value of over $1,000). So total for EVERYTHING is ONLY $12,800!!! You can pay via venmo, cashapp, or paypal. Shipping from Hawaii. I'm more than happy to facetime so you can see all the items for total transparency. If you find a better deal for the same items, send me a link and I’ll beat the price! I’m also happy to provide some orientation and training on how to best use this equipment to get the best photos and videos both on land and underwater. And if you're ever in Hawaii, let me know and I'll be happy to show you some shore dives. Just ask! You can check out my work here to verify who I am... https://www.instagram.com/tajimagery/?hl=en https://www.tajimagery.com
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