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Found 10 results

  1. I am selling an Underwater LCD Magnifier for Olympus Compact Camera Housings. Great condition. Been only 5 times in the water. I am shipping from Europe, but will post Worldwide. Price 120€ + shipping costs from Italy
  2. I am upgrading my camera and housing, so this stuff needs a new home. Olympus OMD EM5 M1 with Olympus housing. Housing just back from a full overhaul at Backscatter. OMD Flat Port, fits 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 II R lens (also can be used with the 60mm macro lens) 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 II R lens with front and rear caps, lens glass is in perfect condition Zen WA 100-EP dome port, fits 9-18 zoom lens, very faint scratch on port, does not effect pictures 9-18 zoom lens with front and rear caps, lens glass is in perfect condition Lens gear fits both 9-18 and 14-42 lenses All lens and ports have both front and back covers. 5 batteries and 2 chargers for camera batteries. 67mm thread adapter for flat port lets you use CMC 1 Spare O-rings for ports and housing. Asking $1300 for everything. This would be a great starter for anyone wanting to move up from a compact camera, or a very portable travel friendly package. PayPal only, free shipping in USA. I would like to sell this as a lot.
  3. Nauticam NA-EM5 + Olympus OMD-EM5 set + parts I'm fully selling my spare parts UWP set which is now useless. Everything is located in French Polynesia but international delivery is easy and trackable. 1/ Housing Nauticam NA-EM5 #17804 700€ Entirely maintained and operational. External scratches due to use. Including Nauticam 2-handles tray and leak detector. 2/ Nauticam NA-EM5 LCD Window for Nauticam Enhanced Viewfinder #17851 100€ 3/ Nauticam Strobe Mounting Ball + Handle for Easitray & Flexitray 25€ Brand new 4/ Nauticam Shutter Release Extension for Compact/MIL Housing #25200 40€ Brand new 5/ Nauticam Leak detection system (from NA-EM5) 10€ 6/ Olympus OMD-EM5 body (silver model) 250€ Including 2 batteries, charger and strobe. 7/ Panasonic LUMIX G 14mm F2.5 F/2.5 ASPH AF LENS SILVER H-H014 120€ Free UV filter and neoprene pouch. A good partner for UW photography 8/ UWL 2 balls clamp 10€/pc 4 available 9/ UWL 3 balls clamp 15€/pc 2 available 10/ INON 2 balls clamp 20€ 11/ IKELITE 2 balls clamp 15€ 2 available 12/ SUBAL ball mount 10€/pc 2 available 13/ IKELITE 6" arm 15€/pc 2 available 14/ UWL 8" arm 20€/pc Brand new 2 available 15/ SEA&SEA 8" arm 20€ 16/ INON 8" arm 20€/pc 2 available Good price for multi items buyers though pm. Feel free to ask more details.
  4. Been using my Olympus 60mm lens and original EM5Mk1 for a few years now. It works fantastic on land and underwater. When I dive with it I set the limiter to the 0.9-.4m setting which makes focusing performance better. This works great with the now older EM5. However, with my new EM1Mk2 the focus limiter doesn't work. On autofocus the lens hunts throughout the entire range. It doesn't matter where the limiter is set, it cycles through the entire range on the EM1. The limiter works properly on the EM5. The lens and both camera bodies are all updated with the latest firmware. A lot of times with the EM5 I would use manual focus and just rock the camera back and forth to find the focus. However, sometimes I would use autofocus and place the focus point right where I wanted it. This usually worked very well and focus was quick with the EM5. However, with the EM1 the focus hunts back and forth throughout it's entire range and sometimes takes a while to find focus. I can replicate the same behavior on land as well. With the EM5 the focus limiter works as intended; however, with the EM1 it is as if the limiter is ignored. Has anyone else dealt with this? Have I missed a setting on the EM1Mk2 that disables the limiter? I looked through the manual but cannot find a mention of the limiter.
  5. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Body Silver Price is $599 free shipping. PayPal or TT Selling my own camera + charger + two battery + cap + flash. In original box with CD and manual Bought 2 years ago. No flooded. No repair. 100% good working. No damage except slight scuff on the bottom 40 000 shot counter All photos are original My others lot is here https://goo.gl/Vzx4us
  6. I have an OMD EM5 with Nauticam housing. only problem is there is enough light I cant white balance. which makes its super hard to get good video. It simply comes up with a screen that says something like, "cannot white balance." My question is, are all M4/3 cameras like this? does anyone have experience with the GH4 that they can share? Also, are DSLRS like the 5dMKIII any better? or can anyone recommend a camera that has this dialled?
  7. Hello all, Appologies for the long post, but I am looking for a comments on a wide angle lens for an EM5 which is suitable for cold water diving with tons of plankton / suspended sediment. Searches on this forum have provided great information, but I am hoping for input specific to using these lenses with low light, high plankton & suspended particle levels. Even when visibility improves at depth large particles in the water column can create major backscatter. Some background - I have 20+ years diving experience and have had my camera for 2 years. 80-90% of my diving is done in Howe Sound which is a fjord next to Vancouver, Canada. This area has large tidal swings and is heavily influenced by river run off; the catchment area of the various rivers / creeks which influence local condtions is roughly 250,000km2. Fresh water mixing, plankton blooms and river run often reduces visability of the top 30-40 feet so much you cant see your fins... Currently I am using the EM5 in a Nauticam housing, with a Sola 800 photo light and two YS-D1 strobes mounted on double 8" arms. Current lenses are 12-50mm lens in Macro Port, 60mm lens, and 8mm Panasonic Fisheye in the acrylic port. Local life and conditions lends itself to Macro photography, and I find myself struggling at times with wide angle, particularly with the fisheye unless surface conditions are perfect. The 12-50mm lens in the Macro Port with gear was a great starter lens. Autofocus works well in decent conditions, but it struggles when the current picks up, especially with large amounts of plankton, sediment or fresh water mixing as it cannot decide what to focus on... This lens has not seen the water in roughly a year. The 60mm macro is great at close range, but starts to wash out if I get further away trying to frame a larger subject. I love the fisheye in ideal conditions, but often find the corners of images get burned with backscatter (even when my strobes are pulled 12" behind the camera). Perhaps more practice or switching to manual strobe setting will help but I am not convinced the fisheye will give me the images I desire in local waters. This leads to my desire for a good wide angle lens, that is NOT a fisheye. To be specific I am looking for good low-light capabilities as some sites I visit are rather deep... Recently there have been a number of Glass Sponge Reefs discovered in local waters, they appear to thrive in these conditions as there is plenty of food as well as disolved silica which they build their 'skeletons' from. I am involved with a couple non-profit groups which have been mapping then field proofing these reefs using drop cameras and scuba divers. We are working on a few different approaches in an attempt to convince the government to protect these unique and fragile ecosystems. Decent wide angle images go a long way in discussions with non-divers. Howe Sound is the only known location in the world where you can Scuba dive on Glass Sponge Reefs, a handful of them start in the 85-120 foot depth range. In other areas in Province they start in 100's if not 1,000's of feet of water. Combine that depth with high levels of plankton and sediment and you get very dark conditions down on the reefs. Perhaps a few times a year there will be good light penetration, but the majority of the time it's basically twilight down there. Even on days with decent visabilty there are large suspended particles to create backscatter. These reefs generally extend out of sight, and I am trying to create images showing their scale. Quite honestly I am struggling to provide enough light without buring out the images with backscatter, especially the edges when using the 8mm fisheye. Lightroom only can help so much... Now for my specific question - From what I have read the 180mm glass dome combo appears to offer flexibility on lenses and is likely my next purchase. This leads to my request for advice / opinions on the following lenses; The Olympus 12-40mm Pro appears to be a great lens, I am curious about the wide-end of it's range. The Olympus 9-18mm also appears good, but I wonder how much wider it is than the 12-40? For the price difference I am leaning towards the higher quality of the 12-40mm Pro and maybe selling my 12-50 set up. The Panasonic or the rumoured Olympus 7-14mm would likely be good choices. Anyone have thoughts or advice on use on these lenses based on my local conditions? Thanks in advance, Adam Here are some images of the sponge reefs
  8. For sale is a Nauticam Olympus EM5 Housing which is an open box demo/display housing never been wet but used at shows and in store display and cannot sell as new as is an open box some small marks which do not affect performance comes with box and all original items Normally $1450 Now $1250 with Xit404 focus/zoom knob
  9. Hi macro enthusiasts! I am having probably a silly problem, but cannot find the solution by myself, so I'd need some advice... My camera is an OM-D EM-5, that I use with an Olympus 60mm macro, all in Nauticam housing+port. This works brilliantly, the camera focuses very well underwater. But when I add my new Subsee+10 dioptre, attached with the Nauticam flip dioptre holder, I cannot manage to get in focus. That brilliant auto focus doesn't work at all anymore. I was expecting some degradation, but not that much. What's your experience with such a setup? Do you shoot everything in manual focus? cheers, Nicolas
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm looking to buy a housing for my camera, if anybody is interested in selling one please let me know. cheers!
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