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eric black

Aquatica 18454 and 18458 Port Extensions

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make me an offer on either or both and if it interests me enough to drive to the post office- they are yours. This could be a best offer listing where Ill wait about a week and then contact whomever has the best offer with a still interested inquiry- if any offer makes me instantly happy, I wont wait the week.


the 18454 is for the nikon 200mm macro lens and is 97.5mm long with Aquaticas current bayonet style mount

the 18458 is 76.5mm long and is designed for using a 2:1 teleconverter and the 105mm macro lens- same type of mount


I have neither of these lenses any more so these are just occupying space in my drawer at home. I paid over $250 for each item, barely used either (maybe a dive or two each)- they are in like new condition and come with the original o-ring shipped from Frederick, Maryland USA. If you are inquiring about international sales, prompt payment and taking into account extra shipping is all I ask.

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