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Dominican Republic and Humpbacks

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Hi, I´m traveling to Dominican Republic for the third time, and this one I have a couple of days to dive. For what I´ve been reading Humpbacks are long gone by April 9 which is my date around DR. Are they really gone gone??? there is no chance at all to catch some of them?? the slow / lazy ones?? the losers that couldn´t get laid??


If Humpbacks are a no go... where can I dive at least for 3 days? I´m get out of my leash on friday 8. I´ll be in Sto. Domingo until that day, then I can travel to Samana or any other point, preferably over night in order to save time and dive from 9 thru 11 since I´ll be returning on the 12.


Camera gear is limited also.. so if possible I like dives to be for WA pics. Whales, Wrecks, Caverns, Sharks, etc I like to do something differente than caribbean reef...


Money is no flowing like a river, so I can eat "mangú" all day long in order to dive!


Let me know!

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