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How to post topics on the forum: For new members

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Hi folks,

For those who have just joined Wetpixel:

Firstly, welcome and we hope that you will become an active community member and find the amazing resources that are available here both interesting and useful.

At this point, you should have received an email from us which has a link to verify your email address. Once this has been completed you have one more step to do before you can post new topics.

In order to start a topic in any of the forums, you must make a post introducing yourself. Please do so in the Member Introductions thread:


Once you have done so, you can post a topic in any of the forums except the Classifieds. This forum requires a minimum of 3 posts in any other forum before being able to start a topic or post to it.

Until you have made a post, you will not be able to add topics to any forum. If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us via the Wetpixel contact form:


Once again, thank you for your participation.


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