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F/S Bluefin Housing Canon HFG10/Fathoms Wide Angle

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For Sale Light and Motion Bluefin housing and system.

All items are in very good shape and the system has been well taken care of all lenses are free of scratching. Since the housing fits multiple cameras, even the up to date Canon Vixia models like the HF-G20, I am selling the HF-G10 camera on Ebay. AllowingFeel free to buy that too, be sure to PM me. A few videos with this set up can be seen at:




All items can be sold separately, in combination or as a whole package if you desire. I will price them separately, if bought as a package I’ll pay for shipping in the USA. All “MSRPs” are current market prices.

Housing: Has been professionally tapped with an E/O connection for audio in or other E/O accessories. This accessory came from Ocean Technology Systems for direct full-face mask audio input for a documentary we are filming. If you don’t want to use it, the wires stay out of the way easily. But it’s a great addition to up your production value in the future. Additionally, the on/off/mode button on the monitor plate takes a good push to turn on/off. L&M said this was fine and did not need to be replaced. ULCS arms pictured are not included.

Lenses: Both lenses are in perfect optical condition, no scratching. There is minimal cosmetic wear on the body of the Wide Angle lens. The Fathoms lens is the new model that works with the 2010 and beyond Sony Bluefin housings and all Canon Bluefin housings now.

Please see the links below for a complete description of the product.

· Light & Motion Bluefin for Canon S20, S21, S30, G10, G20 & XA10 (MSRP $2,799). Comes with flat port, lens cap, internal red filter and a tripod mount. http://www.backscatter.com/sku/lmi-852-0144.lasso $1200

· Light and Motion Fathoms 90 Degree Super Wide Lens (MSRP $1,999) http://www.backscatter.com/sku/lmi-802-0259.lasso $800

· Canon Vixia HF-G10 32 GB internal memory Full 1080 @ 24p (MSRP $999) plus accessories. Currently on Ebay BIN $700 http://www.ebay.com/itm/291169389495?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

· Stix Float for housing works with flat port and WA lens. (MSRP $129) http://www.backscatter.com/sku/sx-fbf.lasso $50


Apparently my camera takes too large of image size to upload here, but I will try to update asap.

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