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Can anyone use Sea&Sea lens gear orings or SB-102 orings? FREE

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These spares that I will not be using and I'm not looking to profit back off these, they are FREE to whoever can use them.

Well, I mean if you want to give me something extra (not required), I'll happy buy myself a beer with it. :)


3 sets of Sea&Sea lens gear o-rings, unused, whole, in package.

1 set of Nikonos SB-102 o-ring, unused, whole, in package.

Sea&Sea are uncut, you might be able to use them on ports as well, I do not know and have not researched that.

Some of the SB102 orings might be useful for SB104, SB105, I do not know and have not researched that either.


Likely the easiest solution is you send me a postage paid envelope and I'll mail it back to you. Unless you have a better service? I can omit the nikonos o-ring grease pictured. ;)

PM me if you want any of them.





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