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Macro diopter for a Sigma 60mm

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I have a Sony A6300 on a Seafrogs housing. Primarily doing wide angle 4K videos with a Sigma 19mm and dome. But occasionally I get stuck with macro specific dive sites, so I will switch to a more appropriate lense. The lense choices I have that fits in the housing is Sony 30mm macro, Sony 16-50mm kit and Sigma 60mm.


Sony 30mm macro has too short working distance. Sony 16-50mm have quite poor detail. So I'm looking at the Sigma 60mm. The stock magnification ratio is 1:7 which is pretty bad. So I'm aiming for a macro diopter that will get it closer to 1:2 ratio. I'll be shooting mainly nudibranch, pipefish and maybe pygmy seahorse. Hopefully 4K macro videos as well (I have a pair of 5,000 lumen lights)


I'm not sure what diopter to get.. there's so many options. Nauticam CMC-1, Subsee 10+, Inon, Aquako, iDas is all options. I'm not particularly fussed about getting the absolutely best magnification.. ease of use and image quality are more important factors.


So what do you think ?


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