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WTB: Nauticam NA-6D Housing for Canon EOS-6D

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I've been a dry-land photographer for a long time, and would love to take my EOS 6D (Mark I, before the Mark II was dreamt of) underwater.  The camera's old enough that I'm hesitant to pay the full retail $5,000ish USD to take my setup in the water.  I'm specifically looking at Nauticam because I do tech diving, and plan on soon going deeper than the Ikelite goes.  I also do photogrammetry, and have heard that the interface for a key feature is *slightly* better with the Nauticam than the Aquatica.  I'd be open to an Aquatica, if the price was right, of course, but it's the #2 choice.


Does anybody have an old NA-6D housing + dome port (the acrylic one would be fine) they feel like selling?  :)


Thanks, much appreciated.





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