Wetpixel/Alex Mustard Lembeh Macro Workshops 2023

March 2023 - 2 Lembeh Macro Workshops!

TWO WORKSHOPS – OPEN FOR BOOKINGS. We are pleased to announce that Wetpixel and Alex Mustard have again joined forces in Lembeh to run their highly popular Critter Photography Workshop. The five previous events have each sold our in hours and have gone on to produce some stunning images and been tremendous fun, so please get in contact with us soon to be a part of this event.

For 2023, there are TWO 9-Night Workshops available. The teaching is planned to be identical, and the critter action should be excellent during both, so select whichever you prefer (although there is no rule against doing both as the critters in the Strait will have changed a bit between them). To book on this trip, please email Adam Hanlon.

Alex says, “I expect many of the people booking this trip will know exactly what to expect since they have been part of one of the previous events. So the good news is very little is changed, the stats are 9 Nights in Lembeh Resort, with unlimited boat diving (30+ dives), with a maximum ratio of two photographers to each of Critters@Lembeh’s famous dive guides, the workshop, image review sessions, and all the extras included. Last time the group was divided across three boats, each visiting different sites to avoid congestion around the most popular subjects and to give everyone the flexibility to produce special images, we plan to do the same again.”

Alex goes on to say, “Some trips exclude as much as possible from the headline price to get you to book, knowing they will leave you with an unpleasantly large bill at the end of your stay. Wetpixel trips always try and include all the extras you need at the upfront price. This event price includes the workshop, accommodation, unlimited diving (you can boat night dive every night), nitrox, meals, snacks, a massage, transfers, and more. Even your gratuities for the resort and dive shop staff are included.”

The workshop will focus on the techniques of macro and critter photography. The lectures are planned as a complete guide to critter photography, starting with basics such as gear selection and optimization, covering techniques for focusing and framing, then discussing high quality and creative lighting techniques, wide angle macro, and many more innovative approaches, Alex adds “the course is very comprehensive and I even teach the techniques that I don’t like myself!” Alex gives an illustrated talk each morning after breakfast to give you the advice and ideas you need just before you go diving and have the chance to put it into practice. In the evenings, Alex will conduct image review sessions where we will analyze the strengths and areas for improvement in the days’ images “it is a great chance to see what others have produced and get inspiration and suggestions for your own images,” says Alex. Alex and Adam will also be around all day, helping with gear in the camera room and pre and post-dive photo advice out on the boats.

Although the group will be split across three boats (Adam and Alex will rotate between them) we will exchange notes on what has been seen where and repeat the sites that are providing the most productive or turning up the most desirable critters. That said this is not a trip for wish lists, the goal is not seeing as many different critters as you can, but producing really outstanding critter photos. “The most common mistake photographers make in Lembeh is going home with lots of photos of great critters, but no great photos. The focus of this workshop is on producing great photos,” adds Alex.

The main change to the workshop is that it is a bit longer this year. Not only does this mean more time in the lovely Lembeh Resort, but those extra days give you a lot more time once you are in your photographic zone. Although we do expect some changes in which critters are most abundant during the two workshops, there is no way that we can say ahead of time if one workshop will be better than the other for sightings. “I suggest that you just book the one that suits your diary best,” says Alex, “although if you want to get a spot, it is probably best to not spend too long thinking about it!”

Alex has been diving in Lembeh since the 1990s, and Lembeh Resort is a firm favorite of his and has seen it, and the diving operation Critters@Lembeh evolve, through constant attention to detail, into arguably the finest dive resort in the world. “We have had such fabulous feedback on Lembeh Resort, Critters and the talented dive guides from each workshop, we are excited to be taking the Wetpixel Critters workshop back there again,” says Alex. Read more about the resort.


We know that these workshops will be very popular. So without further ado, here are the booking details!

WORKSHOP 1 – is 9 nights, 8 to 17 March 2023 and costs $5650 USD.

Arrival is on 8 March, with the diving, etc. commencing on 9 March. The departure will be on 17 March.

WORKSHOP 2 – is 10 nights, 17 to 27 March 2023 and costs $6150 USD.

Arrival is on 17 March, with the diving, etc. commencing on 18 March. The departure will be on 27 March.

In both cases, additional time in the resort can be arranged (subject to availability)


All packages are based on double occupancy in Deluxe Cottage, although other accommodation options are available (ask Adam). We are opening up booking earlier this time, to give us more flexibility on room allocations within the resorts, for those that want single occupancy, upgrades, etc.

A deposit of $2500 USD is required to secure your place, which is only refundable if Wetpixel can resell your booking.


You can get a clear idea about these workshops from Adam’s live reports on Wetpixel from the 2018 events.

For further information and reservations, please email Adam.


For both workshops:

It is important to note that in the event of cancellation, Wetpixel will attempt to resell your booking. If this is possible, we will charge an administration fee. If it is not possible, we will have to withhold any payments. Wetpixel recommends that you have insurance in place to cover this eventuality.

All bookings are on a “first-come, first-served basis.” For this, your reservation is not confirmed until payment is received.

Please contact Adam for more details and to book.