Grand Bahama Hurricane Relief Photo

Grand Bahama Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Dorian has brought havoc and destruction to Grand Bahama. Epic Diving, who base their Tiger Beach charters from the island’s West End are spearheading an effort to raise funds that will be used directly to assist the local community. They are encouraging donations via PayPal as this does not incur any administration fee, but if folks are uncomfortable with this, they are encouraging donations to the Bahamas Red Cross. They are also listing locations in Florida where goods and provisions can be dropped off to help those affected.

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Hurricane Dorian devastates the Bahamas and heads towards the US Photo

Hurricane Dorian devastates the Bahamas and heads towards the US

Most of the Wetpixel community will be aware of Hurricane Dorian’s trail of chaos as it travels through the Caribbean. Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands have incurred winds of up to 165 mph (270 km/h) and a storm surge of up to 23 ft (7m) with Bahamas PM Hubert Minnis describing the devastation as “unprecedented.” Most of us will have friends that either have been in the storm’s path or maybe still bracing themselves for its impact. We fervently hope that they are all in a place of safety and that it does not cause significant damage to dwellings and businesses. Our thoughts are with you…

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Dive Boat Conception on fire off Channel Islands Photo

Dive Boat Conception on fire off Channel Islands

CNN and other news agencies are reporting that the popular California Channels Islands dive boat “Conception” is on fire and that there are 34 people missing. The reports also states that 5 people have been rescued by the Coast Guard. The vessel’s owners, Truth Aquatics, note that it set out from Santa Barbara on Saturday and visited several diving spots around Santa Cruz Island, and was due to return to port at 5pm today.

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Happy World Whale Sharks day 2019 Photo

Happy World Whale Sharks day 2019

30 August is the international whale sharks day. The largest fish in the sea are notable for their size and the fact that we know precious little about them. We know precious little about how and where whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) breed, their migratory patterns or any social structures. Even their lifespans remain a mystery with estimates from field data suggesting they may live for 130 years.

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Nikon releases LUT for Z series cameras Photo

Nikon releases LUT for Z series cameras

Nikon has released a dedicated 3D LUT that works within the N-Log features with Rec.709 color space. The option of recording ProRes RAW via external HDMI that was announced at the Z series cameras’ launch, will now only be available after an internal upgrade that will need to be performed at a Nikon Service Center and will incur a charge.

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