Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week part 2

Adam’s blog day 8

Alex, Cristian and my final day’s diving was once again courtesy of Seafari and we were hosted once again by Club Med.

Having again enjoyed a spectacular breakfast, we headed out to the dive center and set out for our morning dives.

Alex was very impressed by the standard of the ablutions on the dive boat.

First dive was on Great Cut, which, as is typical for the dives in the area, features a wall with a steep drop off. In this case though it also had an outlying pinnacle, with a school of grunts in residence.

There were also a few Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezi)around too.

Again as is typical, the wall is festooned with large barrel sponges, which made excellent photographic subjects.

Cristian was shooting video of Alex shooting stills (!) so things got a bit hectic at times, nevertheless he still found time to look cool!

Alex was too busy reviewing images to notice!

Time for some spinning selfies!

The second dive was on Cable Crossing. This was a flatter reef that many that we had dived on. It has a resident green moray (Gymnothorax funebris) which all of us manages to capture, with Cristian once again filming Alex shooting!

Alex was shooting macro, and the site had lots of small stuff to shoot, including an arrow blenny (Lucayablennius zingaro):

A white footed shrimp (Periclimenes harringtoni)in a touch me not sponge (Neofibularia nolitangere).

A spongy decorator crab(Macrocoeloma trispinosum).

Club Med runs two tank morning dives, so we returned to the jetty and had lunch at the resort. Club Med is a large 300 room complex, which seems to be quite full, so it has a certain hustle and bustle.

The last dive of the day and our stay was on Telegraph Pole wall. We were really keen to dive here on account of us wanting to get a really close up shot of the friendly resident Nassau groupers. Alex went fitted out with a mini dome in order to get them very close to his fish eye lens.

Cristian also was keen to get the groupers to review their own images and re pose in order to improve their composition. He had a amazing encounter with one fish that literally chased his dome port (or his reflection in his dome port) for several minutes.

Alex’s images may feature in the Alert Diver “Bahamas Underwater Photo Week” article scheduled for the Fall, so please check them out when they do!

We leave tomorrow although we do plan a review of the week as a separate article very soon. I’m sat here with Alex posting to Facebook and Instagram, and Cristian editing video, so it will be great to feature all of this in one place.

I would like to thank Stella Maris Resort and Stella Maris Water Sports for everything while we were on Long Island, Riding Rock Resort and Club Med on San Salvador and all the great people we have met during our travels. Alex and I, and more latterly Cristian, have had a great time, captured some stunning imagery and visited some spectacular places both below and above water. When can we come back?

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