Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week part 2

Abi at Green Turtle Cay day 2

This was our second and final day at Green Turtle Cay diving with Brendal Stevens of Brendal’s Dive Center. We began our morning by visiting the stingrays around the corner from the hotel and dive center. The stingrays were initially groggy but soon warmed to our arrival with a few ripe fish heads.

Here Stephen Frink shoots the rays while Brendal entices them

Brendal Stevens and his stingrays

Once we had our fill of ray photographs we moved on to the first dive of the day which was out on the reef. Nice and shallow there was lots to see, including more silversides. Today they were in fewer numbers, but just as lovely.

There was also more healthy elkhorn in the shallows of the reef. Here Bermuda Chubs swim over a healthy patch of elkhorn.

To finish off our day we had to go see the swimming pigs of Abaco. We’d heard and seen photos of the swimming pigs of the Exumas, but had never heard of the pigs of Abaco. We had to check it out.

Turns out they were just as curious, but perhaps just a bit more lazy. These pigs were content to wade into the water, but there was no swimming to be had.

However, no one can deny these guys were happy!

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