Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week part 2

Abi at Green Turtle Cay

Yesterday we flew into Marsh Harbor airport - which is a brand new airport and very well done. Then after a short taxi ride, Brendal Stevens of Brendal’s Dive Center, picked us up at the dock and took us to Green Turtle Cay where we were staying at the Green Turtle Club.

The brand new Marsh Harbor airport, allegedly open for the first day the day we flew in!

The welcome sign to Green Turtle Club

Stephen Frink photographs Brendal Stevens in the perfect late afternoon light

The resulting image

First things first, we had to add a dollar to the wall of the Green Turtle Club Bar. Since we are here on assignment for Alert Diver …

San Jacinto
In the morning we were up and ready to go diving. The first dive site was the wreck of the San Jacinto, a steam sloop-of-war that wrecked in January of 1865. The wreck lays in pieces all over the seafloor making for lots of nooks and crannies for fish and lobster to live in.

Here Brendal explores one of the few remaining structures of the San Jacinto wreck

There were loads of schooling fish on the wreck, it was great to see.

Next we headed over to Coral Caverns where we were immediately greeted by some curious Caribbean Reef Sharks.

Another inquisitive Caribbean Reef Shark

The reef wall had lots of caverns and was filled with fish, including some Nassau grouper

A couple of the caverns had schools of silversides that were glorious to watch swim around the light rays.

At the very end of the dive we found some healthy patches of Elkhorn Coral, which seems to be more and more rare to find.

Tomorrow we will head out in the morning in search of the elusive swimming pigs of Abaco and then we are off to explore another section of the Bahamas!

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