Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week part 3

Bahamas Underwater Photo Week

We hope that you have been following and enjoying our coverage of the the Bahamas Underwater Photo Week so far. We have filled the first and second threads, so have decided to spit it off into another new one. If you haven’t done so already, please check out part 1 and part 2 of our coverage to date. The posts are all as live as we can make them, so please keep checking for updates.

The event has actually mostly finished now, but we will be posting our final blogs and conclusions, including the gear lists from the participants, here.

The event has been conceived as an event “to capture a week in the underwater life of the Bahamas”. Conceived by Alert Diver’s Stephen Frink, the idea has been adopted by the Bahamas Diving Association and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, who have provided venues and funding to make it all happen. The concept is quite simple, to get four underwater photographers in the Bahamas at different venues and get them to shoot at the same time, producing a photographic documentary of the underwater life of the Islands at that time.

The photographers chosen for the event are Stephen Frink (Bimini, Cat Island, GBI and Abaco), Eric Cheng (New Providence and Harbour Island/Eleuthera), Berkley White (Andros and Exumas) and Alex Mustard (Long Island, Conception and San Salvador)

Abi Mullens and Adam Hanlon are reporting live from the event on here. Please also check out the event’s feed on Facebook, Wetpixel’s Instagram feed and Twitter for all the news.

Our coverage of the event has spread to 3 parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

For this part, below are the links to the individual pages:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Abi in Man O War Cay
  3. Closing Ceremonies
  4. Cristian Dimitrius’s videos of the event