Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week

Adam’s blog day 1:

I left home on a cold, rainy UK (early) morning on Thursday and arrived into Miami, Florida late on the same day. Friday dawned (or actually hadn’t yet dawned) into another 4.00 am start to get my flight from Miami to Nassau via Bahamas Airlines. Despite being overloaded as all underwater photographers are, the airline staff were kind to a fault when I explained why the bag’s contents were so heavy!

I arrived in Nassau and was impressed by their recently built new terminal. I was able to buy a local SIM card with data on it (which is how this report is making its way to you) with a minimum of hassle and the set out to catch my next connection to Stella Maris on Long Island.

This was on a smaller aircraft, which stopped at the airstrip of Rum Cay on the way:

After a total of around 50 minutes, we were wheels down on Long Island. Although the notices seem quite official:

It was very apparent that things are very laid back here. After a brief transfer (thanks to Lillie Harding of the Ministry of Tourism), we pulled up at the Stella Maris Resort. The resort is described as an intimate out-island style, and it is very friendly and welcoming. It also has spectacular views:

Alex is actually only getting out to Stella Maris tomorrow, so I figured I would steal a march on him and get a dive in. The Resort staff kindly contacted Ian Moss of Stella Maris Watersports who in turn, kindly arranged for one of his Divemasters, Pascal Dittmar to take me out to a dive site called Split Reef.

Pascal was willing to act as my model and was very patient while I moved him around!

The reef was very pretty and had plenty of life with a large school of yellow tail snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) and two patrolling blacktip reef sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus). The water quality and visibility was excellent:

Alex will be arriving on an early flight tomorrow, so the plan is to dive the wreck of the MV Comberbach, which was deliberately scuttled by the resort to act as an artificial reef and attraction for divers, and then to do a shark dive later. I will be posting again soon, so please check back when you get chance.

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