Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week

Abi on Grand Bahama Island

Stephen Frink and I have been on Grand Bahama Island for the past few days. We were joined recently by Cristian Dimitrius, who is popping around the islands visiting the other photographers and filming for a documentary on the project he is putting together.

One of the first things we did while here was visit Ben’s Cave where we were joined by Cristina Zenato.

Stephen Frink photographs Cristina Zenato topside before they dive Ben’s Cavern

Cristina Zenato dives Ben’s Cave in full cave diving gear

We also had some great encounters doing the shark dive at UNEXSO

Here Cristina Zenato “calls” one of the sharks to her, twice!

Shark handler Cristina Zenato holds a shark in tonic immobility

The UNEXSO shark dive holds endless photographic opportunities

Then Cristian Dimitrius arrived to dive with us

We did a nice wreck dive on the Papa Doc with Cristina Zenato as well

time lapse
Even at the end of the day after dinner, you can’t take the cameras away from the photographers. Stephen Frink and Cristian Dimitrius shooting long exposures of the harbor

Port Lucaya harbor at night

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