Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week

Adam’s blog day 4

Alex and I have had a day travelling to and then diving on San Salvador island.

We had a relatively late start, with Alex catching up on his article research in his “office” at Stella Maris Resort while we waited for our transfer to San Salvador.

There is no scheduled service that fitted in with our movements, so we were being transferred in a private Aero Commander aircraft piloted by Joel Friese who, when isn’t advising passengers on the position of the life jackets and emergency exits, also doubles as Stella Maris Resort’s General Manager.

Alex and I had a few bags to load in the plane!

We were able to carry all the cameras and housings fully assembled-that’s something you can’t do on a normal flight!

Alex modelled his carry on!

Each housing got its own seat for the not so long flight. We were “wheels down” just over half an hour from take off on the island of San Salvador.

We were met at the airport by Jay Johnson from the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, who took us through to our lodgings for the next 5 days, Rolling Rock Resort. We will be diving with the Resort’s own operation as well as with that of the neighbouring Club Med Resort, who will also be undertaking the onerous task of feeding us some of our meals too.

Alex found a new “office” at Riding Rock Resort.

After lunch at Club Med, we went over to Riding Rock’s dive center and Alex found a classic of underwater photographic literature much loved by a certain generation of our community.

Alex spots that not everything is up to date!

We headed out on on the boat with Captain Bruce and after a quick 10 minute steam, we were set to dive a site called Grouper Gully.

The diving on San Salvador is mostly on an abyssal drop off that lies about 200m offshore, and the site had really pretty patches of coral from around 12m, all the way through to the actual drop off.

As the name suggests, there were lots of friendly groupers around.

Tomorrow, we will be out for three dives with Captain Bruce, and we are hopeful that there will be some great photographic opportunities.

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