Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week

Bahamas Underwater Photo Week Press Conference and Kickoff

A press conference for the Bahamas Underwater Photo Week was held at the Nassau Hilton on May 22nd

Press 1
Local press came out to cover the Bahamas Underwater Photo Week press conference

Press 2
The press conference begins

Press 3
Questions were asked by local reporters

Press 4
Stephen Frink and the Minister of Tourism click the official underwater camera to kick off the week

Press 5
Stephen Frink is filmed by local news media interested in the event

A kick-off event for the Bahamas Underwater Photo Week was held at UNEXSO on Grand Bahama Island on May 23rd

Close-up of Appreciation Award

Kickoff 1
Linda Osborn, Secretary and Treasurer of the Bahamas Dive Association, welcomes everyone to the Bahamas Underwater Photo Week

Kickoff 2
Linda Osborn, Stephen Frink and William Cline

Kickoff 4
Stephen Frink speaks during the Bahamas Underwater Photo Week kickoff event

Kickoff 3
Betty Bethel, Grand Bahama Island Minister of Tourism speaks

Kickoff 5
The event week is officially launched with the click of a shutter of an underwater camera

Kickoff 6
Stephen Frink accepts his Appreciation Award, with Russell Miller (chairman of the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board) and William Cline (Cline Group)

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