DEMA This Week

Everyone in the dive industry is running off to the DEMA (Dive Equipment & Marketing Association) show in Las Vegas this week. Wetpixel will be there too - wandering around and getting the latest info for you o­n underwater digital camera products. If you are there and happen to recognize Eric or Dave at the show, pull them over and let them know you wetpixel (Dave is the really tall o­ne). Also please check out a sponsor booth, Marine Camera at Booth #1800B (Showing the New Nexus D100 Housing!). And don't forget to check out all the manufacturers that make wetpixel possible.

First update: Eric's People Journal We're still working o­n the equipment/booth overview, and hope to have that up by the end of the weekend! In the meantime, talk about it in our forums!

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Forum software replaced!

The old forum software (which served us fairly well in Wetpixel's infancy) has been retired! A new, more powerful forum has been set up in its place. This o­ne scales well with users.

It's worth noting that the old forum had 844 topics, 4555 posts, and 484 members at retirement time. You guys rock!

*UPDATE* User accounts and messages have been migrated over from the old forum.

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Gates - Howard Hall and Brian Skerry, at DEMA

John Ellerbrock, of Gates Underwater Products, wrote us to inform us of a book signing event with Howard Hall and Brian Skerry at their DEMA booth 1701A&B. The current schedule is Wed, Oct 23rd, between 2-4pm and Thurs, Oct 24th, between 10:30-12:30pm.

"We are very pleased to host the respected Howard Hall and Brian Skerry for a book signing event," comments John Ellerbrock, President of Gates Underwater Products. "The new wave of digital underwater photographers will find the tried and true tenants of ["Successful Underwater Photography"] an instant classic."

For full press release -->

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Handler on the Aquatica A5000

Maurico Handler has provided a mini review of the Aquatica A5000 housing for the Nikon Coolpix 5000 digital camera. Handler also provides some exciting shark photos in his A5000 portfolio.

"Aquatica has done a fine job in housing this camera," concludes Handler, "they have attacked the design, building and delivery of a housing in a short period of time. In a market that changes every three months if not sooner, this is a gargantuan achievement."

Read o­n for the photos and review.

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