Reefpix.org chat!

Wetpixel contributor James Wiseman (jamesw) is moderating an o­nline chat about digital underwater photography, which will take place o­n Wednesday July 24th 9pm Eastern:

I'd like to introduce you to my new website with an o­nline chat and you are all invited! Please take your wetsuit off before coming inside...

What I plan to do is present a talk I gave to my local UW Photo Society called "From Film to Digital" The talk will be geared for both beginners and "seasoned" UW photographers. I plan to cover the "state of the practice" as well as the "state of the art" - since I have done intensive research and recently received my new Digital SLR.

I have put all my slides up o­nline so everyone can follow along during the talk just like it is a slideshow. After the "presentation" I think it would be great if we could have a roundtable discussion where everyone can share their unique expertise and "tips and tricks" for each camera/housing system. For more details -->

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Bahamas 2002, with D60s

Wetpixel's very own Eric Cheng has published a web site featuring a recent trip to the Bahamas with Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures.

Also participating were professional marine photographers Jim Watt, David Fleetham, and Andy Sallmon.

On board were five Canon D60 Digital SLRs, four UK Germany D60 housings, an Ikelite-housed Fuji S1 Pro Digital SLR, an Aquatica-housed Nikon Coolpix 5000, and a Light & Motion-housed Olympus 4040.

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Gates Underwater Products Announces New F707 Housing

San Diego, California - July 9th, 2002 - Gates Underwater Products today announces the new F707 housing specifically designed for the Sony F707 5 megapixel digital still camera. Rich with features found only on higher-end systems, the F707 housing from Gates is designed for both the professional and recreational underwater photographer.

Professionals will appreciate access to all key camera functions on the F707 housing, including manual focus, white balance, auto exposure lock, and complete exposure control in shutter priority, aperture priority and manual modes. For the

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L&M Releases Photo of Tetra 5000

Light & Motion has released a photo of their new Tetra housing for the Nikon Coolpix 5000 camera. The new housing model has a design based on the successful previous Tetra offering for the Olympus Cameras. Unique features include the ROC strobe controller and a moisture alarm.

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Whatever Happened to the Spiegel Grove?

A couple months ago when the national media reported on the botched Spiegel Grove sinking off Florida, they of course never followed up to let us know how the story ended. The huge ship finally ended up on its side at the bottom, not exactly the original plan, but still offering some great sport diving. When the ship began to sink, Victor Gircys of http://www.underwaterporthole.com was nearby with his Canon s300 digital camera and was able to record the premature sinking. Victor's sinking sequence are the only photos taken from a boat.

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