First Lembeh vs Gulen Critter Shootout is underway

Invertebrate Competition Day

Day 4 of the Lembeh vs Gulen Shootout is the day that is assigned to the contestants at both resorts shooting images of invertebrates that will be put forward for the public vote that will commence at 10:00 pm CET today. Each team gets to submit a total of 12 images which have to have been captured during three 60 minute dives undertaken today.

The results of the public vote will be audited by the chief judge Alex Mustard.

Team Gulen has been blessed with a warm, sunny day. Yesterday’s practice dives allowed the contestants to locate suitable subject and to develop creative techniques to exploit their photographic potential.

Team Gulen needed a lot of gas.

In-between dives, the contestants were able to seek advice from team leader Keri Wilk and advisor Christian Skauge. When he wasn’t dispensing advice, Keri was underwater:

The contestants have been using lots of creative lighting techniques.

Not an invertebrate specifically, but the house reef is full of nudibranchs.

Along with starfish of all colors, sizes and varieties:

Cristian Skauge shows his “reserve” nudibranch collection:

The dive site is carpeted with hydroids, anemones and algae.

Additional excitement was created by eagle-eyed contestant Bjørnar Nygård finding four Calma gobioophaga nudibranch on the house reef. This species has never been seen in the area before. The nudis were actually busy laying eggs on the rock that he found them on at 2 meters (6 feet) just under the entry point.

After diving, each contest had to chose their favorite 5 images. After dinner, we then gathered to discuss and chose each individual’s entry into the contest. The debate meant that we are now rushing to get the images posted in order to open the contest up for public voting!

Dimpy and Ørjan about to press the button to open public voting.

Please head on over to the voting site to cast your vote now. The site will allow you to cast one vote for your favorite. It also asks for your email address, but this is not mandatory and if you simply click “Vote”, your choice will still be registered.

Voting is open now and will close at 10:00 pm CET. on Wednesday 25 May.

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