Adobe updates Photoshop CC Photo

Adobe updates Photoshop CC

Adobe has released a significant update to Photoshop CC. The latest version features the “Select Subject” funtionality that was trailed earlier in a Photoshop “Sneak Peak.” By using Adobe’s Sensei AI technology, this automatically selects the prominent subjects in an image.

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DJI releases Mavic Air Photo

DJI releases Mavic Air

Today, DJI released the Mavic Air. The new Mavic series drone is very portable, compact, and offers 4k video in a light-weight drone. The camera offers 32 MP sphere panoramas. A 3-axis gimbal and Smart Capture are also features. The Mavic Air retails for $799.

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Show Report: BOOT 2018 Photo

Show Report: BOOT 2018

The annual BOOT Show, held in Dusseldorf, Germany is the largest consumer watersports show in the world. It consists of 15 giant halls, which house exhibitors from almost every water based activity. Yachts, motorboats and cabin cruisers are all displayed, along with all the accessories that go with them. Among these is an area dedicated to underwater imaging. Wetpixel reports from the show

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Inon ships X-2 housing for EOS-80D Photo

Inon ships X-2 housing for EOS-80D

Inon have made a version of their X2 housing for the Canon EOS-80D available. In common with other X2 housings, it is constructed as an aluminum casting, allowing for precise shaping. It is compatible with Inon’s port system, viewfinders and strobes.

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Study shows tiger shark litters have single male parent Photo

Study shows tiger shark litters have single male parent

A new paper (PDF) in the Royal Society Open Science journal has analyzed the results of testing the DNA of 112 tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) pups from 4 pregnant females that had been caught off Australia. The analysis shows that each litter seems to have had a single male parent. Typically, most shark species practice polyandry wherein females are mated by multiple males. T

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