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Results: Monterey Shootout 2019 Photo

Results: Monterey Shootout 2019

Hosted by Backscatter and NCUPS, the 2019 Monterey Shootout was held from 22 to 25 August. It attracted 172 contestants to dive in excellent conditions in Monterey Bay and socialize at the infamous Backscatter party that rounds off the event. Congratulations to Maxwel Hohn for his winning video and to all the entrants for their stunning imagery

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Results: Think Pink 2019 Photo

Results: Think Pink 2019

The 2019 Think Pink underwater imaging competition has announced its winners. The contest is run by Dive Into the Pink, a charity that uses the proceeds from various diving events, including this contest to support survivor support and breast cancer research

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Results: Digital Shootout 2019 Photo

Results: Digital Shootout 2019

Backscatter Photo and Video recently held their annual Digital Shootout at Little Cayman Beach Resort. It attracted 70 participants and 20 staff who had the opportunity to discuss photography gear, shooting techniques and best editing practices with each other and the instructional team. An important part of the Digital shootout is the end-of-event photo and video contest. Congratulations to all the participants and to the winners.

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Results: DEEP Indonesia 2019 Photo

Results: DEEP Indonesia 2019

Underwater photographers from around the globe submitted their amazing images to the 2019 DEEP Indonesia contest. The judges had a tough time selecting their shortlists and ultimately, the winners. With this in mind, congratulations are definitely due to Grant Thomas for his very beautiful winning over-under image from Papua New Guinea and to all of those that are among the placings.

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Results: Our World Underwater 2019 Photo

Results: Our World Underwater 2019

Wetpixel and DPG are proud to announce the winners of this year’s Our World Underwater International Underwater Photography and Video Competition. Heraty congratulations to overall winner Luc Rooman and to all the other winners. The image quality was particularly high this year and the judges found it very difficult to select their favorites. Click through to see the amazing winning images and video.

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2018 World Shootout results announced Photo

2018 World Shootout results announced

The 2018 World Shootout announced its results at the BOOT show in Dusseldorf. Entries were received from 641 photographers representing 37 countries, and the overall winning image was Andy Schmid’s image of a marine iguana. Wetpixel contributor Mike Bartick won the “5 Best Image” category. Congratulation to all the winners and those amongst the placings

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Results: Ocean Art 2019 Photo

Results: Ocean Art 2019

The 2019 Ocean Art Contest has released its results. The overall winner was Duncan Murrell with a lovely image of 3 devil rays feeding in loops. Congratulations to him and to all the other Wetpixel members among the placings.

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