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Indonesia sinks a further 81 illegal fishing vessels Photo

Indonesia sinks a further 81 illegal fishing vessels

The Indonesian government has deliberately sunk a further 81 foreign vessels that had been caught illegally fishing in the nation’s waters. The Bangkok Post reports that the boats were of Vietnamese, Philippine, Malaysian and Thai origin. The ships were blown up at sea in 12 locations around the archipelago on Saturday. (Image by Antoni Halim/Shutterstock.com)

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Good news for marine conservation Photo

Good news for marine conservation

In two separate announcements, Cuba has stated that it is implementing a management strategy for the sharks in its waters, and the nation of Palau plans to create a marine reserve that’s about 193,000 square miles (500,000 square kilometers) in size.

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Save the unique Aru in Indonesia from becoming plantation lands Photo

Save the unique Aru in Indonesia from becoming plantation lands

Aru is a cluster of 300 small tinny islands where greatest birds of paradise are living harmoniously with kangaroos, black cockatoos & crocodile. This heavenly place is threatened to be destroyed recently by a stupid & greedy plan of our government to develop 500 000 hectares of sugar cane plantation across this region. Please stand in solidarity with us to SAVE ARU ISLANDS by signing the Avaaz petition and supporting the movement.

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Raja Ampat shark sanctuary becomes law Photo

Raja Ampat shark sanctuary becomes law

Shark Savers has announced that the decree that created the Raja Ampat Shark and Ray Sanctuary has been written into provincial law by the Raja Ampat parliament. The sanctuary was originally created in September 2010 by use of a local Bupati decree, after the council was presented with an 8,500 strong petition. Since then, Shark Savers, Conservation International, the Nature Conservancy, WildAid, CORAL, Papua Diving and Misool Eco Resort have campaigned to get it enshrined in a more permanent and enforceable law. The resulting legal framework is the first of its kind in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle.

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Baja by Eric Higuera Photo

Baja by Eric Higuera

The short film, Baja, was recently awarded the 2013 Stan Waterman Award for Excellence in Underwater Videography, a part of the Beneath the Sea (BTS) imaging contest. The filmmaker describes his project as being:

“Finally completed after a year of hard work and dedication, it was made to show and share with you the amazing and beautiful creatures that inhabit its waters. These beauties are still there, but most threatened. Many fish stocks have been depleted due to uncontrolled illegal fishing worldwide, especially in breeding and marine protected areas.”

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