Bali’s Mount Agung erupts Photo

Bali’s Mount Agung erupts

It was reported 3 hours ago that, after months of increase seismic activity, Bali’s Mount Agung has erupted. Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency said the eruption remained small so far but the volcano was emitting a thick grey ash cloud blowing to the East and South-East. Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport remains open and alert levels have not been changed.

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Mexico expands Revillagigedos Marine Park Photo

Mexico expands Revillagigedos Marine Park

Mexico has announced a significant expansion to the Revillagigedos Marine Park. This will cover 57,000 square miles (147,630 square Kilometers) around Socorro, Roca Partida, San Benedicto and Clarion islands. Previously, the area, named as a World Heritage Site in 2016, only had a small protected area that extended 6 miles (9.7 Km) off the coast of each island. (Image from Shutterstock)

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TRT ships the o-TURTLE 45 TTL trigger for Olympus PT housings Photo

TRT ships the o-TURTLE 45 TTL trigger for Olympus PT housings

TRT-Electronics has designed a new version of their TTL trigger for Olympus MILC cameras when housed in Olympus PT series housings. These have an angled space designed to accommodate Olympus strobes, which the new o-TURTLE mimics. The o-TURTLE 45’s performance is identical to that of the original o-TURTLE, bar that it has a smaller battery.

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Update on Fiji Siren Photo

Update on Fiji Siren

Yesterday, Worldwide Dive and Sail (WWDS) announced that the Fiji Siren had been lost at sea during its current charter. As the organization has begun investigations into the incident, a statement was released today with more details about the circumstance. Again, Wetpixel is relieved to report that all crew and passengers are safe and unharmed.

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