The deepest fish in the ocean has been described Photo

The deepest fish in the ocean has been described

On Tuesday of this week, scientists released the scientific name and description of the deepest fish in the ocean. Pseudoliparis swirei is a Snailfish that lives at the bottom of the Mariana Trench and was collected at 7,966 meters (nearly five miles) deep. The fish was originally filmed in 2014, but has only now been described. There is one other species of Snailfish living at this depth, that makes an appearance in Blue Planet II, but a specimen has yet to be collected and described.

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Evidence that the largest animal on earth is left-handed Photo

Evidence that the largest animal on earth is left-handed

Scientists have recently found that the largest animals on earth, blue whales, have a preferred lateralization in their movements, and it seems to be for the left side. In a study led by Ari Friedlaender with the University of California, Santa Cruz and Oregon State University three-axis accelerometers were placed on 63 blue whales in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Image from Shutterstock.

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Update: Mount Agung eruption Photo

Update: Mount Agung eruption

Over the past week, Mount Agung has continued to erupt, with increasing intensity and it now seems that magma is visible. Practically, the ash cloud has caused a few airlines to cancel flights to and from Ngurah Rai International Airport, (Denpasar International Airport-DPS), the VONA aeronautical threat leaves has been raised to red and the airport at Lombok (Bandar Udara Internasional-LOP) has been closed at least until Monday morning. Updates added: 11/27/217.

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Sneak Preview: Inon Z330 strobe Photo

Sneak Preview: Inon Z330 strobe

Images and specifications of Inon’s new strobe are now leaking out. The Z330 has a guide number of 33, a beam angle of 110° without a diffuser and utilizes the familiar body and battery case design of its predecessor, along with controls that are the same albeit with improved labeling and access. There is also a range of new diffusers and light modifiers for the strobe too.

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