Results: Share Our Air 2020 Contest Photo

Results: Share Our Air 2020 Contest

Dive into the Pink has announced the winners of their 2020 Share Our Air contest. Over $20,000 was raised from the competition’s entry fees that will be donated to a study investigating the impact of COVID-19 on scuba divers. Congratulations to all the winners and to the contest on raising this amazing sum for such a worthwhile cause.

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Nauticam ships WWL-C Photo

Nauticam ships WWL-C

Nauticam is now shipping their new version of the Wet Wide Lens. WWL-C is designed for compact cameras with lenses at 24mm equivalent, Although it will work with a range of Micro 4/3s and mirrorless cameras. At 24mm, it offers a 130° FOV. It mounts via a bayonet, and adaptors are available for use with selected Olympus housings too.

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Issue 115 of UwP Magazine is available Photo

Issue 115 of UwP Magazine is available

Issue 115 of Underwater Photography Magazine (UwP) is now available to download. This issue features competition results from the Underbathwater Photographer of the Year, the United Nations, and Smithsonian contests. There are technique articles on camera buoyancy and trim, split shots, working with inexperienced models, and photographing frogs in an urban setting. Also included is a host of information bout new products, travel ideas, and essential information for underwater photographers.

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Expedition captures images of octopus at 7000 meters Photo

Expedition captures images of octopus at 7000 meters

The BBC reports that the Five Deeps expedition has published stills of a Dumbo octopus (Grimpoteuthis sp) from a depth of 6.957m (22,825ft). They were captured using a “lander” or instrument frame with an attached camera and (in this instance) a bait that is lowered to the seabed. The previously deepest recorded cephalopod was a Cirroteuthidae sp pictured at 5145m (16,880ft) off Barbados in 1971.

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