Inon Ships Split Easy Photo

Inon Ships Split Easy

Inon is shipping the “Split Easy,” a simple rubber ring that retains the water between GoPro housings with SD front masks and the Inon UFL-G140 SD semi fisheye lens. This retains the water between the two, offering the opportunity to capture split level or over/under images.

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AOI Announces Compact Strobe Photo

AOI Announces Compact Strobe

AOI has announced their new Ultra Compact Strobe. Deliberately designed as a simple compact tool, the strobe only offers manual output control, has a three-stage continuous light, and offers a modeling light that fires a burst of flashes that can help users aim and gauge the effect of the strobe’s light on the frame.

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Wetpixel Live: Underwater Photography for Topside Shooters Photo

Wetpixel Live: Underwater Photography for Topside Shooters

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon and renowned underwater photographer Alex Mustard offer some guidance for topside photographers that may be wishing to take their photographic skills “below the surface.” Some of the differences in equipment selection and the techniques used are obvious, but some are more subtle and profoundly impact the quality of imagery produced.

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