Wetpixel Live: Switching to Mirrorless Photo

Wetpixel Live: Switching to Mirrorless

Currently, one of the most often asked questions during Alex and Adam’s workshops and trips is about when they are going to take the plunge and change to mirrorless cameras. In this episode of Wetpixel Live, they attempt to explain their decision-making process about their current camera choices and how they view the future in terms of the best options for underwater image-makers.

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PHIDEX is Open Photo

PHIDEX is Open

The Philippine International Dive Expo (PHIDEX) is now underway at the SMX Convention Center in Manila. It is being held from 19 to 21 August and it features lots of talks by eminent underwater photographers, including Alex Mustard, Gutsy Tuason, Tom St. George, Bo Mancao, Tobia Friedrich, Rafael Caballero, Jerome Kim, Renee Capozolla, Ram Yoro, Mike Bartick, and Adam Hanlon.

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Wetpixel Live: Heart Attack Advice for Underwater Image Makers Photo

Wetpixel Live: Heart Attack Advice for Underwater Image Makers

Please forgive the somewhat irreverent title! Recently, while preparing for a dive, Wetpixel Live presenter Adam Hanlon had a heart attack, and he and Alex discuss the events surrounding it and his prognosis going forward. As a spoiler, expect to see Adam at a dive site near you sometime soon and in the interim, normal service is gradually resuming.

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